Casey Anthony Drowning Theory Slammed By Father: What a Bunch of Crap!

Casey Anthony's Father Shoots Down Drowning Theory: What BS!

The finale of Casey Anthony: An American Murder Mystery raised many questions, ones all too familiar to those versed in the true crime saga.

Ever since she was acquitted of murdering her two-year-old child, Caylee, on July 5, 2011, Casey has continued to fascinate the public.

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Caylee Anthony Cause of Death: Did Casey's Daughter Die By Accident!?

Caylee Anthony Cause of Death: Was it All an Accident?!

Was the scandalous death of Caylee Anthony, Casey Anthony's two-year-old girl who disappeared back in 2008, actually an accident?

Believe it or not, the judge who presided over Casey's murder acquittal in 2011 made that explosive claim in an interview this week.

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Casey Anthony Biography

Casey Anthony on Trial
Casey Anthony is an accused murderer from Orlando, Florida. In 2008, authorities believe she killed her two-year-old, Caylee Marie... More »
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