Bryan Spears is the older brother of Britney Spears and Jamie Lynn Spears, and the oldest child of Jamie Spears and Lynne Spears. Got that?

We don't hear a lot of Bryan Spears news. Guy keeps a low profile. Which is cool. He has emerged in 2008 with the family rallying around Britney.

Specifically, Bryan Spears was just named a co-trustee of Britney's estate while she gets treatment for her bipolar disorder. Jamie Spears has been calling the shots in an effort to get his daughter well and keep the hangers-on at bay. A noble cause.

We believe Bryan Spears is 30, though we don't know his actual date of birth. Let us know if you can help us out with this fact about the eldest Spears kid! We approve of what he's doing.

Bryan Spears is supposedly going to marry girlfriend Graciella Sanchez, who is the manager of Jamie Lynn Spears. Congrats to Brian and Graciella if that rumor's true!