Brad Hanson is the man Sarah Palin allegedly had an affair with, according to The National Enquirer. We would discount anything they say, but they were right the last time. Think about it. Does that mean Brad Hanson is the male Rielle Hunter? Who knows, but it's worth following the story to find out.

Born in Montana, he grew up in small town Alaska. Brad was a high school jock and is basically the exact same dude as Todd Palin, down to the facial hair, but not quite as awesome.

Brad Hanson is an outdoorsman and is currently a city council member in Palmer, Alaska.

The alleged affair took place in 1996. At the time, Brad Hanson owned a snowmobile dealership with Sarah's husband, Todd Palin, who severed their business ties thereafter.

The John McCain campaign threatened legal action in an attempt to keep this story from leaking out, but evidently they have failed. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Just kidding. Not really.