Fielder-Civil, Blake

A true Casanova, Blake Fielder-Civil is the guy who rocks the universe of Amy Winehouse. He also rocks her body, and for once, we're not talking about sex. We're talking about hard drug use. Girl's system has taken an absolutely savage beating over the past couple of years. We're a little surprised she and Blake are still living to be honest.

Blake Fielder-Civil and Amy Winehouse got married early in 2007. He is a true class act, blowing his nose in the street and threatening violence against pretty much everyone, and they seemed genuinely happy in their sex, cocaine and heroin-induced haze.

At least before he got thrown in jail, that is. He beat some bartender up good, then got caught trying to bribe him to leave the UK and not show up at trial. They call that "perverting the course of justice" in the UK, which is hilarious. Anyway, he got thrown in jail.

Blake Fielder-Civil was in there for a long ass time, too.

In December 2007, he was charged with witness tampering in an assault case pending against him. He was later convincted on all counts and remained behind bars for more than 11 months before his release in November 2008. He was let out only if he checked straight into a Surrey rehab centre, however. Probably for the best.

He has yet to reunite with his wife, but when he does, life is about to get a lot more dangerous for A-Dubs - but entertaining for celebrity gossip readers. That is, unless they divorce, which is also a possibility. We can only hope they get back together. For our sakes as much as theirs. Come on, we need a Blake-Amy reunion!

Blake Fielder-Civil Quotes

Me and Amy are always gonna be close but we've decided we're better as friends. The fact is we're in an open relationship (well I didn't know we were til recently!!!) but I don't want that. I just want a loyal sweet, staunch, slutty girlfriend.

Blake Fielder-Civil [to pen pal Melissa Goldstone]

Everyone blames the drugs for [Amy Winehouse] being a f****** mess (or they blame me), but to be honest I've done drugs all my f****** life and it didn't turn me into a complete **** ... well a little bit I guess.

Blake Fielder-Civil [to pen pal Melissa Goldstone]