President Obama Releases Spotify Playlist: What's He Listening To?

President Obama Releases Spotify Playlist: What's He Listening To?

“Your summer just got a little groovier,” says The White House’s latest blog post.  And no, it isn’t because your least favorite candidate (or all of them) dropped out of the presidential race.

Your summer is groovier because President Obama just offered his constituents two new Spotify playlists!

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Donald Trump Calls Out "African-American" President: Go Fix Baltimore, Obama!

Donald Trump to "African-American" Obama: Go Fix Baltimore!

Donald Trump is at it again. The attention-starved billionaire has called out nemesis Barack Obama via a series of angry Tweets, referencing the ongoing riots in Baltimore.

According to the Celebrity Apprentice star, the POTUS ought to be able to stop them ... but he didn't simply put it that way. Wait until you read how he made his point.

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Barack Obama at 2015 White House Correspondents Dinner: EFF IT ALL!

Barack Obama Slams Donald Trump, CNN and More!!!

Republicans have been saying for years that Barack Obama has no business being President.

And the Commander-in-Chief sort of proved them right last night... because he clearly should be a stand-up comedian instead!

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