Ashley Alexandra Dupre was the high-priced call girl workin' it at good ol' Emperors Club VIP, the prostitution ring frequented by New York Gov. Eliot Spitzer.

He resigned the office after getting nailed by federal investigators (who used laws that he passed in order to do so - the irony) for nailing Ashley Dupre. What a moron.

Ashley Dupre, born Ashley DiPietro and also known as Ashley Youmans (and as Kristen), is originally from New Jersey.

Girl has a troubled past, having appeared on "Girls Gone Wild" videos for a full week of footage. She was only 17 at the time, having run away from home prior to that.

She went on to greener pastures, however. A brunette listed at 5 feet 6, and 115 pounds, Ashley apparently booked her "services" at about $1,000-an-hour. Oooga.

In any case, this unwitting aide in the removal of Eliot Spitzer from office faces tough scrutiny. Here's hoping AAD picks up the pieces and puts her life back together ... or at least sells out and tries to cash in on this hard core. We're betting on the latter - she's already tried to break into music and there are even rumors of her doing a reality show. Hey, we'd watch it.

Good luck and keep it classy, Ashley Dupre.

Ashley Dupre Quotes

And to all the not so kind words ... I love you too, because it makes me push myself and want it even more. 'Hard times don't last ... only strong people.

Ashley Dupre

I have a lot of depth, a lot of layers.

Ashley Dupre