Oh, Ashlee Simpson, ye of little worth.

She is Jessica's annoying, less hot, talentless, plastic surgery-loving little sister. Woo! Yup, that's Ashlee Simpson's claim to fame, if you can call it that.

Sadly, it looks like you can.

The girl has actually sold millions of albums and despite having more plastic surgery than Heidi Montag, some people seem to find her attractive. Like Pete Wentz, who went so far as to knock up and marry her ass. Amazing.

Hey, if Ashlee Simpson's pimp can make this media whore into a star, who are we to complain?

And who needs to sing when you can just play a frickin' tape in the background? Perhaps we just need to give the talentless hack a break and accept her for what she is. Nah, that'd be no fun. You shall get no free ride from us, Ashlee Simpson. Hack!

Ashlee Simpson Quotes

I didn't know I'd be getting married right now, but I'm so happy to be! I'm a lucky girl.

Ashlee Simpson

Do I look like I had 10 cheeseburgers or something?

Ashlee Simpson [avoiding pregnancy questions]