Anna Duggar: I Don't Care What Jim Bob Says! The Coronavirus Is REAL!

Anna Duggar: The Coronavirus Is REAL!

No matter where you live, we're sure that at this point, you've been personally impacted by the coronavirus pandemic in some significant way.

Hopefully, you've simply been forced to hunker down and stay at home, and neither you nor any of your loved ones have suffered the effects of Covid-19.

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Anna Duggar: Look! I Take Care of My Own Baby! Okay??

Anna Duggar: Look! I Take Care of My Own Baby! Okay??

Anna Duggar seems to have a pointed message for her critics.

Just a few days ago, this former reality star was trashed by a bunch of haters because they were somehow under the impression that she didn't care for her sixth (!) child, Maryella.

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Anna Duggar Shares Photo of Awful Husband, Posts About "Unconditional Love"

Josh Duggar Refuses to Go Away and It Makes Us Sad

Many years ago, Josh Duggar got all touchy-feely with his own sisters, initating a disgusting molestation scandal and cover-up that continues for him and his family to this day.

On Tuesday, meanwhile, Anna Duggar went ahead and got all touchy-feely on Instagram.

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