Taylor Swift on Katy Perry: I Don't Know Her!

Taylor Swift on Katy Perry: I Don't Know Her!

Bravo bigwig and Watch What Happens Live! host Andy Cohen has a new memoir out, and naturally, it's filled with the kind of gossip that will have stars chucking into their giant roaring fireplaces, a la Citizen Kane.

Sure there are some Bravo-lebrities acting like Bravo-lebrities, but there are also some A-listers letting their true colors show.

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Leah Remini Opens Up About Scientology: I Gave Those Morons $3 MILLION!!

Leah Remini: I Gave $3 MILLION to Scientology!

Scientology has dominated some of Hollywood’s most elite players.  Though the “church” has been the subject of much speculation and criticism, it still draws in the attention (and money) of celebrities.

But not all celebrities are fans of Scientology.

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