Amy Duggar: My Sister Is Getting Married!!!

Amy Duggar: My Sister Is Getting Married!!!

It can be tough to stand out in a family the size of the Duggars, but Amy Duggar has managed to make a name for herself, even though she's not one of Jim Bob and Michelle's many children.

Known to fans as the Duggars' rebellious cousin, Amy lives a lifestyle unencumbered by the far-right views and strict code of conduct adhered to by the Counting On clan.

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Amy Duggar: Sorry I Don't Wear Scuba Gear in the Pool Like My Prude Cousins!

Amy Duggar: Stop Comparing Me to My Prude Cousins!

Amy Duggar has always been a rebel compared to her cousins, and she's making that point again following recent social media backlash.

Plain and simple, the 30-year-old says she shouldn't be compared to her relatives, or judged by the standards of her uncle Jim Bob.

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