Amber Portwood's Brother Throws Twitter Tantrum: Andrew Glennon Is a LIAR!

Amber Portwood's Brother Goes Off: Andrew Glennon Is a LIAR!

As a general rule, abuse victims should be given the benefit of the doubt, as instances in which such claims are filed falsely for revenge purposes are exceedingly rare.

And in situations where the perpetrator pled guilty because of a mountain of audio and video evidence, you should really believe the victim, because the best system we have available determined that they were telling the truth.

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Amber Portwood Shares Bittersweet Birthday Tribute to Daughter

Amber Portwood Shares Bittersweet Birthday Tribute to Daughter

Over the past several weeks, nearly all attention paid to Amber Portwood has centered on her relationship with young son James.

That's what happens when you get arrested for domestic assault based on an incident in which you allegedly attack your boyfriend WHILE HE'S HOLDING YOUR 18-MONTH OLD CHILD.

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Amber Portwood Biography

Amber Portwood is a star on MTV's Teen Mom. She is the mother of Leah Leann Shirley, whose father is Gary Shirley, Amber's on-off fiance... More »
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