Alli Sims Loves Fur

Alli Sims is an aspiring singer who used to be Britney Spears' personal assistant and fellow club-goer.

It's a living. Or was, at least.

Whether Alli and Britney are actually related is the subject of much debate within celebrity gossip circles. Or a couple of dudes at this site, anyway. A lot of peeps call her Brit's "cousin" in quotes, which implies that it's not really the case. Whatever.

At some point in late 2007, either Alli Sims had enough of sponging off hanging out with Brit or the train wreck herself cut her off. Which was it? We may never know. But Alli decided she would launch her own singing career around then. Really.

We at T.H. Gossip are still waiting for Alli Sims' music career to take off, it's bound to be totally huge. Not.

Hey, you can't blame Alli Sims for trying. And at least she's pretty fine and hasn't been strapped to a gurney twice against her will - unlike her "cousin." Sorry, Britney. We couldn't resist.