Cynthia Rodriguez: F-Rod!

Alex Rodriguez is the New York Yankees third baseman. He is by all accounts a superstar slugger.

He is also very rich. And he is insecure. He very much enjoys hitting strip clubs with blonde mystery babes, as well as slapping balls (out of the opposing pitcher's glove, that is).

The Yankees have still not won a World Series since he joined the team, but A-Rod has two AL MVP awards to his credit. Fool sure can hit ... in the regular season anyway.

The Hollywood Gossip is not talking about Alex Rodriguez because of his baseball escapades, of course. Not at all.

There once was a time when MLB rumors were the only type of gossip this guy sparked. He was an annoying dude to watch play, but seemed like a good enough person off the field. He was married to Cynthia Rodriguez for five-plus years and had two young daughters. How nice, right?!

Well, turns out the guy was shagging not only Joslyn Morse, but possibly Alicia Marie and definitely Candice Houlihan - and maybe even Madonna. Yeah. Shady to the max.

He was with Madonna as recently as October 2008, although she is supposedly pissed at him over his indifference to her beloved Kabbalah. Sounds like trouble in paradise.

And it was. The two have sort of cut ties. But fortunately, Alex moved on to Kate Hudson! The actress and her parents have been seen at Yankee games in August 2009.

Hopefully, Kate Hudson can help Alex Rodriguez improve his playoff batting average if the Yankees make it to the postseason this year.

Dude is 7-for-44 in the playoffs since 2005. That's not good.

** UPDATE: Hudson did help ARod and the Yanks win the 2009 World Series. Soon after, she and Alex broke up. This doesn't bode well for the Yankees in 2010.

Alex Rodriguez Quotes

Times are a bit difficult. But I've been through tougher times. I'll get through them. And the support of the New York fans is incredible.

Alex Rodriguez

She's my f--king soulmate, dude.

Alex Rodriguez [on Madonna, allegedly]