26 WTF? Lady Gaga Photos

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13. Pantsless Lady Gaga

Pantsless Lady Gaga
Pants are really overrated. We're glad Lady Gaga has come to this conclusion.

14. Lady Gaga Selfie

Lady Gaga Selfie
A cute, old school Lady Gaga selfie. She doesn't look like this anymore, some say. Did she get a nose job?

15. Lady Gaga Nose Ring

Lady Gaga Nose Ring
Lady Gaga rocking a nose ring in July 2013. Sure is a new look for the singer.

16. Very Thin Lady Gaga

Very Thin Lady Gaga
Lady Gaga is practicing hip exercises here as part of physical therapy. She has received criticism for how thin she looks here.

17. Lady Gaga, Burka

Lady Gaga, Burka
Lady Gaga rocking a burka, several dead raccoons (or so it appears) and a handbag that reads C--T. Lovely.

18. Lady Gaga, Miller Lite

Lady Gaga, Miller Lite
Lady Gaga drinks Miller Lite. And we love her for that.

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