90 Day Fiance: Which Stars Are Professional Models?

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90 Day Fiance means different things for different people.

Some consider it "trashy" entertainment, while others find it almost education, or very personal to their own stories.

Some of the show's stars are, let's face it, hot, and they knew that when they signed up.

Part of the dream of going on reality TV is to become famous and then monetize that fame.

That can mean Cameo, or appearing on spinoffs.

It can also mean launching or greatly boosting a modeling career.

Here are several members of the cast who are models.

Just looking at them, it's easy to understand how they can make a career out of looking gorgeous.

1. Juliana Custodio

Juliana Custodio
Opinions and tastes vary, but on any list of the most beautiful 90 Day Fiance stars of all time, Juliana's name tends to rise to the top, and it's not a mystery why.

2. She's the real deal

She's the real deal
Plenty of 90 Day Fiance stars have landed promotional gigs after rising to fame. Juliana was already a world-traveled model *before* she appeared on reality television. She has posed for magazines and for music videos.

3. Wow!

Juliana has continued to sizzle on and off of Instagram since marrying Michael Jessen, working hard to keep her body exactly as it looks in every photo. The results speak for themselves.

4. Paola Mayfield

Paola Mayfield
Paola might be the best-known model on 90 Day Fiance purely because modeling was a huge part of her storyline. Why? Because her husband was squeamish about her career.

5. Fortunately, a lot has changed

Fortunately, a lot has changed
Paola and Russ are still married and are now parents of Axel. But it also appears that Russ has mellowed out a lot. At least, if he's still trying to hide his wife's body, they're not revealing the conflict to the world.

6. Pao still puts her body on display

Pao still puts her body on display
Though her primary concern these days is raising her son, Paola continues to flaunt her incredible body on social media. She has also worked as a fitness trainer, channeling her knowledge about her own body to help others.

7. Anfisa Arkhipchenko Nava

Anfisa Arkhipchenko Nava
Anfisa's marriage may be over, but it appears that her modeling career has scarcely begun. She is a sizzlingly hot woman and determined to be a success.

8. Unstoppable

A couple of years ago, Anfisa decided to enter a bodybuilding competition -- the bikini portion. She got SHREDDED for the role and it's enough to make anyone lightheaded.

9. She still models

She still models
Anfisa's true passion is business, but she continues to treat fans, followers, and subscribers to her powerful photoshoots.

10. Rosemarie Vega

Rosemarie Vega
Viewers saw Rose's life up close during her season of Before The 90 Days. She was lied to and treated disgustingly by Ed Brown. She also clearly came from extreme poverty, and her family was no exception.

11. But she turned a bad situation into a good one

But she turned a bad situation into a good one
Big Ed wasn't the only one to make a lot of money off of their failed relationship. Rose was able to monetize her newfound fame and turn it into a blossoming modeling career.

12. She looks gorgeous

She looks gorgeous
Her new path in life is already paying off for her and her family, with a new nicer home. This is just the beginning for Rosemarie.

13. Natalie Mordovtseva

Natalie Mordovtseva
From her recent push for the cover of Maxim to before she even met Mike, Natalie has worked as a model.

14. She's a beautiful woman

She's a beautiful woman
Though some of her photos on Instagram appear to be over edited (though the makeup could also explain that), she is strikingly beautiful -- one of the reasons that Mike was initially so intimidated to message her.

15. She left that behind

She left that behind
Natalie came to the US to marry Mike and live in the middle of nowhere. Now that she and Mike are done, however, fans believe that she will -- among other things -- go back into modeling, now with fame as the wind in her sails.

16. Julia Trubkina

Julia Trubkina
Julia has had so, so many jobs over the years, from nightclub dancer to office jobs. And, of course, her 90 Day Farmhand experience. Part of her work has been as a model.

17. She is absolutely gorgeous

She is absolutely gorgeous
Whether she's in Russia or in America, Julia is stunning and not shy about showing off her incredible body.

18. SERIOUSLY not shy

Julia now has her work visa and can do any modeling work that she wants ... so long as she doesn't break her contract with TLC.

19. Larissa Lima

Larissa Lima
Larissa is one of the most famous cases of people who have truly done a masterful job of monetizing their fame. She went from $38 in the bank (after her ex-husband removed the rest of the money out of her reach) to a genuine success story.

20. These days, she's not in Vegas

These days, she's not in Vegas
So her photoshoots involving others are few and far between. Given that the pandemic rages on, that's not a bad thing. Larissa has plenty of income from Cameo and from OnlyFans.

21. We expect to see more from her in the future

We expect to see more from her in the future
Right now, Larissa's life is not in a happy place, but her diehard fans fully expect to see her once again loving life and accepting modeling gigs left and right. It was, after all, one of the reasons that she had her cosmetic procedures -- so that she'd feel up to showing off products and endorsing them on Instagram.

22. Kirlyam Cox

Kirlyam Cox
Kirlyam is a longtime fan favorite and is not currently modeling. At one time, she imagined a very different career for herself.

23. Thinking back ...

Thinking back ...
When Kirlyam first arrived in the US to be with her husband, she wanted to start modeling work. Alan was not comfortable with that, given his conservative religious upbringing.

24. Their storyline could have been very different

Their storyline could have been very different
Instead, however, we've seen them bond over their shared nerdy interests and as parents. Would we have liked to see Kirlyam's modeling career? Of course. But we're happy that she's happy.

25. Deavan Clegg

Deavan Clegg
Deavan worked as a model long before she and Jihoon Lee appeared on 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way Season 1..

26. She's a professional

She's a professional
In fact, Season 2 would have shown how some of her time was spent modeling to support her, Jihoon, Drascilla, and Taeyang ... had numerous factors, from the very upsetting way that the marriage ended to the COVID-19 pandemic not thrown everyone and everything for a loop.

27. She's gone back to it since then

She's gone back to it since then
Deavan returned to the US a single mom and, well, no one really expects Jihoon to make enough to pay child support, but Deavan is good at what she does, and that means modeling.

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