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Recently, Tyga has been spending a lot of time with a young Instagram model named Val Mercado.

We don’t know for sure if Val and Tyga are dating. Heck, we’re not even certain that Kylie and Tyga are really broken up.

But if Tyga and Val are an item (which seems to be the case), we think it’s safe to say that T-Raww definitely has a type.

Val isn’t quite as much of a dead ringer as past Kylie lookalikes, but if she copies the Selfie Queen’s style any harder, Ms. Jenner may want to consider filing for an order of protection.

We kid. Val’s probably just a fan who’s living the dream by hooking up with Kylie’s ex-dude.

Sure it’s a little weird, but the important thing is that like Kylie, Val understands the importance of a good selfie. Check out some of her best work in the gallery below: