Tyler Baltierra Goes OFF on Cate Haters: You're Tearing Me Apart!

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7. That's What the Money Is For

That's What the Money Is For
(Normally, we would point out that Catelynn is very well compensated for all that sharing, but we'll hold off.)

8. Laying It on Thick

Laying It on Thick
“After 11 years of this brave woman vulnerably showing her struggles & the most painful moments she will EVER experience in life, for the world to see, she does NOT DESERVE such cruelty!” Baltierra wrote.

9. A Dark Time

A Dark Time
“Do you not understand that a year ago, she was going to END HER LIFE!?" Tyler went on.

10. A Painful Decision

A Painful Decision
Tyler went on to praise Catelynn for her decision to give the couple's first child up for adoption.

11. Ending the Cycle

Ending the Cycle
"Do you not understand that she grew up in a cycle of dysfunctional abuse, but yet STILL found the STRENGTH to fight the most primitive instinct a woman could ever feel & hand her FIRST BORN CHILD to another woman just to END that cycle!?” he wrote.

12. High Praise

High Praise
“All I know is what I understand about her…that she is the most courageous, loving, & beautiful human being I have ever met," he added.

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