This Is Us Spoilers: : EVERYthing We Know About Season 4!

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This Is Us is one of the most popular shows on the air. 

It's one of few shows that can simultaneously makes audiences laugh and cry. 

Indeed, a series that follows a family over various decades may sound boring, but This Is Us has already proven to have staying power -- it's been renewed for the next THREE seasons!

As we look ahead to the show's fourth season, we've rounded up all of the information we know about it below. 

Oh, yeah: SPOILER ALERT!!!!!!

1. What the Eff is Going on with Rebecca?

What the Eff is Going on with Rebecca?
This Is Us Season 3 concluded with an elderly Rebecca in a bad way. She was not recognizing her son, Randall, leading to concerns from fans that she was about to die.

"Possibly this is someone near the end of their life experiencing a lack of awareness and confusion that comes with extreme old age," showrunner, Elizabeth Berger tells Glamour.

2. Rebecca Is Probably About to Die

Rebecca Is Probably About to Die
The beauty of This Is Us spanning decades is that even if Rebecca dies in the future, Mandy Moore will remain part of the series.

"I think it definitely feels like Rebecca is very near the end of her life and that her passing is imminent, and that’s why everyone has decided to descend upon Kevin’s house," showrunner Isaac Aptaker said.

3. Nicky Changes His Ways

Nicky Changes His Ways
Nicky's life was all over the place during the show's third season. The family tried to help him get sober to give him the best quality of life. Things took a turn when it was revealed that he had changed int he future and was right by Rebecca's side. "We’re seeing a guy in a better place than when we last left him," Aptaker says.

"The fact that he aged really well shows he’s in a much better place mentally and physically than when we left him in that trailer."

4. Miguel is MIA (For Now)

Miguel is MIA (For Now)
Miguel was ominously missing from the flash-forward, but don't expect his fate to be revealed during This Is Us Season 4. His fate will not be revealed until This Is Us Season 5 or 6. Yikes.

5. Melanie Liburd as Kim - This Is Us

Melanie Liburd as Kim - This Is Us
It was reported following the third season finale that Melanie Liburd was bowing out as a series regular, but her storyline is not over.

"We love writing for her, so we’re always going to be looking for ways to bring her back into the story and into the fold," Aptaker says. "But we will not be watching week-to-week storylines between her and Kevin next year."

That makes sense given that she and Kevin broke up.

6. Is Kate Dead or Alive?

Is Kate Dead or Alive?
Kate's fate has been the topic of many conversations among fans, but we may be waiting a while for answers. "I think it’s wide open at this point what has become of Kate," Berger says.

"I can’t promise next season," Aptaker says.

"But we know that in terms of the rank of people’s burning questions, that one is probably working its way up there. We’ll be mindful of that."

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