The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: Season 9 Looks Absolutely Insane!

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7. Beware of... Puppygate?

Beware of... Puppygate?
A different insider told Us Weekly in September 2018: “There was a situation with Dorit and a puppy, but what hasn’t been talked about is that the puppy was biting Dorit’s kids... So a friend of Dorit’s offered to take the dog off her hands because the puppy wasn’t improving and the puppy was still aggressive and the friend brought the dog to a shelter.”

8. $hit Got Serious

$hit Got Serious
While Lisa Vanderpump denied all this dog drama between her and Dorit to TMZ soon after the rumors started, Us Weekly writes that Dorit's kids “were getting death threats from animal lovers” over the incident.

9. Lisa Versus... Everyone?

Lisa Versus... Everyone?
Lisa was caught in some sort of lie during taping. That's all we know, but this is what an Us Weekly mole has said about it: “There have been numerous attempts from the other cast members to reach out to her and they have gone unanswered. The women feel like Lisa doesn’t want to face them and confront the situation. She has kept her distance and now that’s creating more problems with the cast."

10. It Was ON Between...

It Was ON Between...
Numerous sources have also said that Kyle Richards and Vanderpump’s husband, Ken, got into a heated argument during a party. Afterward, Todd told Richard she would “would never be allowed in their house again,” one source said. “They were both screaming at each other. It was really bad and ugly."

11. Calling BS

Calling BS
Lisa Rinna has clapped back against a fan theory that Vanderpump was downgraded to merely a FRIEND in October of 2018 by writing “bullshit” on an Instagram post about Vanderpump “refusing to shoot.”

12. More Problems with Lisa

More Problems with Lisa
Weeks after the cast member (minus Vanderpump) attended a Boy George concert, they took a road trip - also without the restaurant owner - in October 2018. Days afterward, the ladies supported Erika on her Pretty Mess tour by attending a concert at The Globe Theater.

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