The Duggars: Who's Courting? Pregnant? Next In Line? [THE UPDATES KEEP COMING!]

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7. End of an Era?

End of an Era?
But not all of the Duggars seem so eager to follow in Jim Bob and Michelle's footsteps by raising a massive family. Take Jinger and Jeremy Vuolo, for example.

8. Bucking the Trend

Bucking the Trend
Jinger waited more than a year to get pregnant after she and Jeremy tied the knot, a first in modern Duggar history.

9. Heading West

Heading West
And now, Jeremy and Jinger are headed to LA so that he can focus on obtaining a divinity school degree.

10. The True Rebel

The True Rebel
Then there's Jana who has yet to marry at 29 -- an age at which most Duggars have already birthed a litter.

11. Keeping Their Own Pace

Keeping Their Own Pace
Jana's twin brother, John David, is also childless, but he just got married to Abbie Burnett, so that may soon change.

12. Cause For Concern?

Cause For Concern?
But here's what's really shocking -- for the first time in a very long time, not one of the Duggar kids is courting. At least not that we know.

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