The Bachelor Spoilers: Matt Dumped Rachael ... But What Happens NEXT?!

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37. The Aftermath

The Aftermath
Again, it's not clear how he left things with Kirkconnell, but it doesn't sound like the final kiss-off was good. As for rumors that James is back together with Michelle or Bri, or Heather Martin, all of those stories are out there. We personally wouldn't put a lot of stock in any of them, but we can tell you with near certainty that he and Rachael are no longer a thing.

38. Actually Back On?

Actually Back On?
We hate to disappoint the Matt-Rachael shippers out there (assuming any of those exist), but it looks as though the reconciliation rumors are bogus.

39. A Sad Fact

A Sad Fact
So yes, the franchise's abysmal track record in terms of creating lasting couples will continue for at least one more season.

40. These Things Happen

These Things Happen
And yes, both Matt and Rachael are officially back on the market! (With a body like that, you can't help but wonder how long that will be the case for Matt here.)

41. Paying the Price

Paying the Price
On the After the Final Rose special, Matt made it clear that he decided to end the relationship as a result of Rachael's racial insensitivity.

42. A Work In Progress

A Work In Progress
Rachael says she's working on herself and getting educated on some important topics but it seems that that effort came to too late to help her relationship with Matt.

43. Hope For the Future?

Hope For the Future?
Matt didn't say with absolute certainty that he and Rachael can never try again, but the fact that he refused to hug her at the end doesn't bode well for their future.

44. A New Hope

A New Hope
So it's yet another strikeout for the Bachelor franchise. We can only hope that Katie Thurston and Michelle Young -- who were announced last night as the next two Bachelorettes -- will fare somewhat better. Fingers crossed for these two!

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