The Bachelor Spoilers: We Finally Know Who Peter Chooses ... But Wow [UPDATED]

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37. Taking It Slow?

Taking It Slow?
It's also possible that Peter chose either Hannah or Madison, but has not yet proposed to the victor.

38. Victory For Madison?

Victory For Madison?
A third, intriguing possibility is that Peter was forced to wait until after the final rose ceremony to propose to Madison, as her father initially did not approve of the relationship.

39. It's About to Go Down ...

It's About to Go Down ...
And yet another likelihood is that the proposal hasn't happened yet, as producers have decided to do it live as a ratings gimmick.

40. A Victory for Hannah Haters

A Victory for Hannah Haters
One thing that HAS been confirmed? Peter will not be falling for Hannah Brown again. Insiders have confirmed that both parties felt very little chemistry when she returned to the franchise earlier this season.

41. UPDATE: Down to the Wire

UPDATE: Down to the Wire
Okay, so if you caught Monday night's episode, you know that our predictions were accurate (not to brag). Natasha and Kelley were sent home, and Madison, Hannah Ann, Victoria, and Kelsey are still standing.

42. See Ya!

See Ya!
Can't say we're sorry to see Kelley go after her snooty "I'm an attorney!" rant, but that's a conversation for another time.

43. Anyone's Game

Anyone's Game
For the first time in many, many seasons, we're really not sure where things go from here, but last night's rest-of-season preview offered up some subtle clues.

44. The Crying Game

The Crying Game
Well, we know Peter's mom has a favorite! The preview shows her tearfully begging her son to "bring her home to us!" But who is "her"? Well, the internet has theories.

45. Mad About Madison

Mad About Madison
For obvious reasons, Madison is the front-runner. She's a fundamentalist virgin who's hankering to hear the pitter-patter of little Peters, AND she's already met Weber's parents. That's the sort of thing that wins over old-school moms like Peter's.

46. The Wild Card

The Wild Card
It's hard to imagine that Peter's mom would get that worked up about a Chase Rice-banging (alleged) homewrecker like Victoria Fuller. (Ed. note: We actually like Victoria, but she's not the chaste, demure type who usually excels on this show). And yet ...

47. The Bombshell

The Bombshell
As he's waiting to propose at the sacred site the Ancient Ones call Heartbreak Hill, Peter gets some shocking news about one of his two final contestants.

48. The Bad News

The Bad News
It's widely believed that this is the moment where he learns of Victoria's sketchy past. So is it possible that Fuller makes it to the final two?!

49. X-Files-Level Stuff

X-Files-Level Stuff
Possibly, but a few bonkers new theories have emerged, including one which holds that Peter winds up with a Bachelor producer named Julie LaPlaca.

50. The Beast Is Back?

The Beast Is Back?
And, of course, there are still some viewers who are holding out hope that Hannah Brown will return and sweep Peter off his feet. Seems unlikely, but at this point, just about anything is possible!

51. UPDATE #2: The Plane Truth

UPDATE #2: The Plane Truth
Well, after months of waiting, it appears we finally know the identity of the future Mr. Weber. And the truth is unlikely to shock anyone who's been paying close attention.

52. Drumroll, Please ...

Drumroll, Please ...
Yes, all signs point to Madison Prewett emerging victorious as Peter's final rose recipient. But there's a twist ...

53. Gray Area

Gray Area
Reality Steve says he can't confirm with 100 percent certainty that Madison is the winner, but she's by far the most likely candidate. However, it does not appear that Prewett and Weber are engaged.

54. Busted!

According to Reality Steve, in this season's final episodes, Madison finds out that Peter had sex with at least one of the remaining contestants.

55. Promiscuous Peter

Promiscuous Peter
She's not happy about the news for a couple reasons. 1. Premarital sex violates her religious beliefs, and 2. she learned about her boot-knocking not from Peter, but from the other girls.

56. Change of Heart

Change of Heart
As a result, Madison "self-eliminated" and removed herself from the competition in disgust. However, Peter was (reportedly) able to chase her down and convince her to take his final rose.

57. Conflicting Beliefs

Conflicting Beliefs
According to Reality Steve, these days, it appears that Peter and Madison are still together and "working on their relationship," but unable to decide if they should take the next step together.

58. He Finally Got It Right!

He Finally Got It Right!
We guess for once, Chris Harrison was speaking the truth when he promised a bombshell finale!

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