The Bachelor Spoilers: Peter Weber's Finale Might Be the Most Controversial In Franchise History! [UPDATED]

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Well, folks, another season of The Bachelor is in the can.

After a lot of heartbreak, a freak accident, and some major shadiness involving a contestant who you could describe as something of a female Luke Parker, Peter Weber has made his final choice.

So is the beloved pilot and windmill sex god engaged?

Sadly, and somewhat incredibly, we don't know yet.

Perhaps producers are doing a better job than usual keeping The Bachelor spoilers from leaking out, or perhaps there's some highly unusual drama playing out behind the scenes ... or both!

But on the eve of the hometown dates episode on ABC, we can reveal who makes it to Peter's final three, and then the final two, and what prompts a situation like we've never seen before.

Grab a hat, hold the eff onto that piece, and take a look.

UPDATED, 3/5/20: Reliable sources say they know the identity of Peter's final choice -- but they also say there are plent of surprises yet to come.

In fact, there's still an unprecedented twist in the offing.

Buckle up and scroll on down for the latest intel.

1. The Rose Master General

The Rose Master General
Peter Weber has officially handed out his final rose! And after months of waiting, we finally know who he'll decide between in this year's Bachelor season finale.

2. Decisions, Decisions

Decisions, Decisions
Peter wrapped filming over the weekend, and to say the final weeks of his season have been rather dramatic would be a major understatement.

3. Hannah Sluss

Hannah Sluss
Earlier this month, we learned the identity of the four lucky ladies who made it to the hometown round, including Hannah Sluss, a 23-year-old resident of Knoxville, Tennessee.

4. Madison Prewett

Madison Prewett
Hannah was joined in the final four by 23-year-old Birmingham, Alabama resident Madison Prewett. We think it's safe to say Peter likes his southern belles.

5. Victoria Fuller

Victoria Fuller
Next up, we have 25-year-old Victoria Fuller of Virginia Beach. If you've been keeping up on our Bachelor spoilers, then you already know all about Victoria. If not, keep reading, because there's a LOT to unpack here.

6. Kelsey Wier

Kelsey Wier
Rounding out the group is 28-year-old Des Moines, Iowa native Kelsey Weir. Perhaps a victim of geography, Kelsey was eliminated after the hometown round.

7. Pete's Trio

Pete's Trio
So at the end of hometowns, it was Hannah, Madison, and Victoria left standing, and if that's not a Bachelor-y-sounding trio of names, we don't know what is!

8. A Little Turbulence

A Little Turbulence
Usually, this is one of the toughest parts of the competition -- after all, by this point, Peter had been getting to know these women for about two months.

9. Simplifying the Process

Simplifying the Process
But thanks to some surprising revelations during hometowns, Pete's decision was pretty much made for him.

10. Nine Lives

Nine Lives
There's one every season -- that contestant that keeps surviving every elimination despite the fact that they're obviously not there "for the right reasons." In Hannah Brown's season, it was Luke P. For Peter, it's Victoria Fuller.

11. House of Lies

House of Lies
During Hannah's season, there were concerns about several suitors (including Peter) concealing secret girlfriends back home. That's not the case with Victoria -- but she's still being accused of being less than upfront over the course of the season.

12. Getting the Axe

Getting the Axe
As you may have guessed, Victoria is the one who didn't make it past the final three, making Peter's final two rose recipients Madison Prewett and Hannah Sluss.

13. Consolation Prize

Consolation Prize
News of the elimination comes to us courtesy of Reality Steve, who reports that Victoria found comfort in the arms of an ex-boyfriend and a few thousand new Instagram followers after being booted by Steve.

14. The Meat-less Option

The Meat-less Option
News on the elimination comes on the heels of speculation that Victoria had won the whole competition.

15. Pete's Off Meat

Pete's Off Meat
This rumor was based on nothing more than the fact that Victoria is vegan and Peter recently began following a couple vegan Instagram accounts.

16. A Woman With a Past

A Woman With a Past
All other signs pointed to Victoria being eliminated from the competition due to some sketchy behavior in her recent past.

17. Harsh Stuff

Harsh Stuff
"I can honestly say in all my years doing this, I have never had so many negative stories and as many people contact me about one person than I have this season with Victoria Fuller," Reality Steve wrote last month.

18. Bad Press

Bad Press
The Texas-based blogger and Bachelor spoiler god says he started getting bombarded with emails about Victoria shortly after she was cast on the show.

19. Yikes

And what did those emails say? "Basically that she was bad news, many people in Virginia Beach knew the stories about her, and I should look into it more," Steve writes.

20. No Angel

No Angel
It seems Victoria was (allegedly) in the habit of blowing up her friends' relationships by sleeping with their boyfriends and husbands.

21. It's Good to Have Hobbies

It's Good to Have Hobbies
"And I’m not talking about this happening once, or even twice. The info I was receiving was talking about her having done this 3-4 times," Steve continues.

22. Clapping Back

Clapping Back
Earlier this week, Victoria took to Instagram to deny those reports, writing, "The RUMORS you are hearing are FALSE."

23. More to Come

More to Come
"There will be a time & place where I can defend myself," she revealed, adding, "but for now I choose to wait."

24. The End of a (Very Short) Era

The End of a (Very Short) Era
So Victoria is out. And while we know that Peter has wrapped filming, we don't yet know who received his final rose.

25. Stay Tuned

Stay Tuned
But fear not, Reality Steve has assured his readers that he's on the case. Until then, pour out some champagne for Victoria. And maybe throw her an Instagram follow while you're at it.

26. UPDATE: A Twist ... Beginning?!

UPDATE: A Twist ... Beginning?!
Remember all those concerns about Peter being a boring choice for Bachelor? Well, we think you can safely toss those out the window, as this season's ending is so apparently shocking that producers decided to offer up a glimpse during tonight's premiere.

27. Spoiler Alert!

Spoiler Alert!
Yes, according to Reality Steve's latest tweet thread, the premiere features a Bachelor first -- a flash-forward to this season's dramatic conclusion.

28. The Usual Harrison Drama

The Usual Harrison Drama
"Chris Harrison comes up to Peter and says these exact words, 'Before you do what you’re about to do, there is something you should know...something I just found out, all of us just found out...I’m not sure how this all ends, so I just wanted to give you a heads up,'” Steve tweeted.

29. A Little Misdirection

A Little Misdirection
Based on what we've learned so far, the info that Harrison presents to Weber almost certainly has to do with Victoria. But producers seem to love the "Hannah as disruptor" angle, so expect them to play that up all season.

30. V-Carded

According to Steve, there's a clip of Victoria talking about someone's virginity in the flash-forward, and it appears she's talking about Madison.

31. The Mom Factor

The Mom Factor
Peter's mom also has her say in the finale, and it seems she has a definite favorite among Peter's final three. We're guessing it's not Victoria ...

32. Flying High

Flying High
To their credit, producers have done a better job than usual of keeping this season's details under wraps. But a few are certain -- there's sure to be plenty of drama ... and a whole lot of pilot puns from Chris Harrison.

33. UPDATE #2: First the Bad News ...

UPDATE #2: First the Bad News ...
We're still not 100 percent certain about the identity of Peter's fiancee. But the good news is, some intriguing new evidence has emerged.

34. Hannah Spills the Tea

Hannah Spills the Tea
"You truly aren't gonna know how it's going to end until the very end...It's possible it's still not over," Hannah Ann said during a recent appearance on Good Morning America.

35. The Mystery Remains

The Mystery Remains
Yes, many have credited the show's producers with doing a better job of keeping this season's outcome under wraps. But it's possible they received a crucial assist from a series of unpredictable events.

36. Still Flying Solo?

Still Flying Solo?
As Reality Steve points out, there's a chance that Peter is still single. If that's the case, it would be easy to keep the finale a secret, as there's no chance of Weber being spotted with his new boo.

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