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Since the early 2000s, The Bachelor franchise has delivered shockers, emotional meltdowns and twists we never saw coming.

Usually, these result – or stem from – an elimination.

Or a dramatic departure of one’s own volition. Or someone being asked to leave by the show itself. Or just a really bad breakup.

All of the above have left an indelible mark.

With the TV cameras rolling, obviously. Not even The Bachelor spoilers or Bachelorette spoilers can prepare you for this.

Suddenly it’s no surprise that this franchise has stood the test of time, airing for 40-plus seasons, with no end in sight.

The men, the women and the moments featured on this list made their way onto it for very diverse, but very real reasons.

Often through no fault of their own.

All provided images we won’t soon forget. At least not ’til the next season airs on ABC and we update this list once again.

Where does this week’s Bachelor season finale, and its devastating heartbreak for multiple people, rank on the list?

Behold, the most stunning exits in Bachelor history