Teen Mom OG Recap: Tyler and Catelynn Finally Respond to Divorce Rumors!

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It's been a wild ride for Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra.

Once one of the Teen Mom franchise's most beloved and semi-stable couples, Tyler and Catelynn's relationship is now a constant source of controversy and speculation.

When Lowell and Baltierra separated on a trial basis earlier this year, many fans assumed that was it for the couple.

They've since reconciled, and they say they're doing better than ever.

But last night's episode of Teen Mom OG found the Baltierras positively irate about the ongoing rumors surrounding their marriage.

Take a look:

1. Toughing It Out

Toughing It Out
Tyler and Catelynn have faced their fair share of hardship in recent years, but the against all odds, the couple is still going strong.

2. Making It Work

Making It Work
Rehab, mental illness, a trial separation -- the Baltierras have really been through the wringer and their relationship has survived.

3. The Separation

Yes, it wasn't all that long ago that Tyler and Catelynn reached a breaking point and decided to live apart for a month.

4. The Other Side

The Other Side
They made it through, and their young family recently expanded yet again with the arrival of baby Vaeda.

5. Baby Makes Glee

Baby Makes Glee
Anyone who follows the couple on social media knows that Vaeda has been a wonderful thing for their marriage, and it really looks as though the separation only served to strengthen their bond.

6. Frustration Mounts

Frustration Mounts
But at the time that the current season of Teen Mom OG was filmed, Tyler and Cate were still the subject of near-constant divorce rumors.

7. Lashing Out

Lashing Out
On many occasions, Tyler and Cate have both expressed frustration over online chatter about the state of their marriage. But on Monday night's episode, it seems they truly fed up.

8. Going Solo

Going Solo
The episode saw Tyler traveling with some friends to Arizona, a development that predictably led to a new round of divorce speculation.

9. A Good Place

A Good Place
“Tyler and I are in a really good place right now, and one of the things we learned during our separation is that it’s good for our relationship to give each other freedom,” Catelynn said in a voice-over.

10. Supportive Partnership

Supportive Partnership
“So Tyler is going to visit some friends for a few days while I have the kids," she added.

11. Backfire

But it wasn't long before Catelynn's kind gesture was misinterpreted by thousands of Teen Mom OG fans.

12. Frustrated Cate

Frustrated Cate
“I’m so frustrated that everything we do gets so twisted,” Cate said in response to the online rumor mill working overtime.

13. The Solution

The Solution
Fortunately, a limo, some supportive friends, and a few drinks were all it took to put Cate in a better mood. That usually does the trick.

14. Differing Ideas

Differing Ideas
Elsewhere in the episode, Maci Bookout and Taylor McKinney found themselves at odds over birth control.

15. What the Future Holds

What the Future Holds
For health reasons, Bookout proposed the idea of not receiving a new Nexplanon implant when her current one expires, and instead having McKinney undergo a vasectomy.

16. Taylor Shift

Taylor Shift
Unfortunately, Taylor was less than thrilled with the idea.

17. Sound Reasoning

Sound Reasoning
"Because my birth control thing is expiring soon, so I was just going to talk about other birth control options," she told him. "Me thinking about not being on birth control at all, so I could see what my PCOS looks like," Maci explained in reference to her polycystic ovary syndrome diagnosis.

18. Minor Clash

Minor Clash
"I'm scared that it's a permanent decision," he said, adding that he was "not 100% sure" he didn't want more children.

19. Difference of Opinion

Difference of Opinion
"I am 100% saying I do not want more biological children," Maci countered. "Unless you want more children? Oh god, I shouldn't have asked."

20. Difficult Decision

Difficult Decision
The matter was left unresolved, and it sounds like it could complicate things for Maci and Taylor. But hey, at least they got a storyline that doesn't involve Ryan Edwards!

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