Teen Mom OG Recap: Amber Flips the Eff Out!

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7. Truth to Tell

Truth to Tell
Continued Amber, cleary very very upset: "Am I one of the girls that was the pilot of this show? Am I 28 years old, am I the oldest one on the f-cking show? So why am I getting treated any different than any of the other girls? I've given you guys every f-cking thing to a T, let me tell my truth and then we can move on."

8. On Stage She Went...

On Stage She Went...
And when Amber brought up walking away from Teen Mom, the audience members made it clear they were in her corner. "The thing is I told the audience, I just straight up said I quit," she told Catelynn backstage. "They were just like yelling at me saying no, we love you and stuff like that. Then I just started bawling my eyes out. Everything's so god dang emotional right now."

9. Will She Really Quit?

Will She Really Quit?
We'd be shocked, that's all we can say for now.

10. Elsewhere, Bristol and Dakota Didn't Kill Each Other

Elsewhere, Bristol and Dakota Didn't Kill Each Other
These two started the season married and ended it divorced, following many ugly fights about Dakota's PTSD and other serious, personal topics.

11. Wow, We're All Good?

Wow, We're All Good?
"I was honestly dreading this trip. You’ve been pretty nice," Bristol said to Dakota once they came face-to-face.

12. Can We Start Again?

Can We Start Again?
"I’m glad that we’re getting along. A fresh start, right?” Bristol said to Dakota later on. "I was super nervous about having to see you."

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