Teen Mom & Teen Mom 2 Cast: Are They Treated Fairly with Editing?

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If you're a Teen Mom fan, you know how this story goes.

A new episode airs, one of the moms or one of the dads or some other random cast member ends up looking bad in some way.

Like clockwork, that person hops on social media to blame MTV. Because these people never actually behave poorly, get it?

It's always MTV's fault for editing things for the sake of drama, at least according to the stars' Twitter and Instagram reactions.

We've seen Jenelle Evans use this tactic, most recently when she vowed to quit Teen Mom 2 because it's ruining her marriage.

She's far from alone, though. Leah Messer, Amber Portwood, Kailyn Lowry and even Chelsea Houska have brought this up.

Probably every single cast member has, at one point or another, commented on the editing, but are these grievances legit?

Check out the worst examples of this truly entertaining phenomenon below and see if you side with the stars - or the network.

1. Jenelle Evans: Abused by David Eason?

Jenelle Evans: Abused by David Eason?
In a recent episode of Teen Mom 2, Jenelle refused to film on a scheduled day because, as she explained in a text to a producer, she and David had been fighting. The next day, both Jenelle and David said that things were fine, and David denied fighting altogether while Jenelle stared at the floor. It gave a lot of people the creeps -- like he was threatening her to stay quiet about their issues -- but Jenelle has said that David simply didn't want to talk about their problems on camera. She's taking the matter so seriously that she's considering quitting the show, claiming it's no longer "healthy" for her mentally to be on it and launching into a rant in which she said the producers treat them like a "freak show in cages." Wow.

2. Chelsea Houska: Is Aubree Ruining Cole's Experience?

Chelsea Houska: Is Aubree Ruining Cole's Experience?
In the episodes after Chelsea gave birth to Watson, we see Aubree acting out a little -- which is understandable. But at one point, Chelsea says that Aubree's behavior is "taking away from Cole's experience" as a new father, and that seemed like a pretty cold remark. Cole has gone out of his way to be a terrific stepfather to Aubree and genuinely seems like the nicest, most level-headed guy around; Chelsea's storylines are so devoid of drama (in a good way, because she has her life together) that perhaps MTV is grasping at straws? Houska said that that particular line was "taken out of context from a different convo and added in that scene for some reason." The reason, of course, being drama. Low blow, MTV.

3. Kailyn Lowry: Did MTV Make Isaac Cry?!

Kailyn Lowry: Did MTV Make Isaac Cry?!
We all know that Kailyn's oldest son, Isaac, has been struggling with her split from Javi Marroquin. In one heartbreaking scene, we see the boy crying at dinner over the divorce. But it turns out the scene may actually have been heartbreaking in a different way than it seemed, because Kailyn tweeted after the episode that the film crew "provoked the scene with Isaac crying at dinner!!! And I lost my mind!!!!" And who could blame her?

4. Jeremy Calvert: Deadbeat Dad?

Jeremy Calvert: Deadbeat Dad?
Leah Messer's ex-husband Jeremy threatened to quit Teen Mom 2 perhaps more than any other cast member, mostly because - you guessed it - his alleged bad edit. In one of his many, many fits about the show, he created a Twitter poll to guage whether or not he should quit filming. The issue this time? A scene in which Leah's grandmother referred to him as a "deadbeat dad."

5. Tyler Baltierra: Not the Most Supportive Husband and Father?

Tyler Baltierra: Not the Most Supportive Husband and Father?
When Catelynn Lowell was dealing with the worst of her depression and anxiety, Tyler Baltierra was pretty darn insensitive, time and time again. He once told her that he didn't want "no heiffer for a wife," and was often cold and distant when he needed her most. It was hard to watch, but Tyler hopped on Twitter to explain that MTV was making him "the POS baby daddy this season" to "help the ratings," and that they'd been splicing together bits of different scenes to fit that narrative. You buy it?

6. Taylor McKinney: Pressured by Maci to Propose?

Taylor McKinney: Pressured by Maci to Propose?
A big storyline for Maci Bookout a while back was Taylor McKinney and his apparent hesitation to propose to her, even after having having children together. She wouldn't let the issue go, and he frequently seemed overwhelmed by the pressure. It was such a big part of their scenes that at one point, he tweeted that Maci was never as intent on him proposing as we saw. "Don't get it twisted," he wrote. "It's a show."

7. Mackenzie Standifer: Big Regrets?

Mackenzie Standifer: Big Regrets?
Mackenzie Standifer, wife of Ryan Edwards, has complained a few times about how the network goes out of its way to make Ryan look bad - on one occasion, she got upset about a scene that showed Bentley waiting up for him to take him trick-or-treating. He complained that his father was "always late," and in turn Mackenzie tweeted that she regrets ever signing on to do the show.

8. Tyler Baltierra: Strip Club Drama Manufactured?

Tyler Baltierra: Strip Club Drama Manufactured?
Before Tyler and Catelynn got married, the two of them had separate bachelor and bachelorette parties, with Tyler heading to a strip club for his. Things got a bit racy there, and Catelynn barged in to, as she said, "get my man." It seemed like she was upset and insecure by Tyler's affinity for the strippers, but Tyler claimed that the only reason she was troubled by it all was because producers were "trying to get a little bit of a rise out of her." In reality, they both got strippers for their parties, and they were both fine with it.

9. Kailyn Lowry: Physically Abusive of Javi?!

Kailyn Lowry: Physically Abusive of Javi?!
Back when Kailyn first began getting serious with Javi, there was a certain scene used in that season's trailer in which she seemed to hit him during a blowout fight. However, one of their houseguests who was there for the fight said that MTV had greatly exaggerated things, and that Kailyn had pushed Javi "out of frustration," but she never actually hit him. And instead of Javi storming out like the trailer implied, he simply went outside to do some chores after forgiving her.

10. Leah Messer: Does She Not Feed Her Kids?!

Leah Messer: Does She Not Feed Her Kids?!
Remember when Leah was a pretty big mess? Such a big mess that she lost custody of her twin daughters to Corey Simms? During that time, she had a lot of trouble getting her kids to school on time, and in one sad scene, we saw one of the kids, Gracie, crying because Leah wouldn't give her breakfast for school. Lots of people were concerned by the footage, but Leah logged onto Twitter to explain that Gracie was simply a "drama queen," and that breakfast was provided by the school - they weren't actually starving.

11. Amber Portwood and Matt Baier: Ripped Apart by MTV?

Amber Portwood and Matt Baier: Ripped Apart by MTV?
When Amber Portwood and Matt Baier were still together, there was a particularly troubling episode of Teen Mom OG in which he tried to convince her to marry him in Las Vegas, but she refused. He told producers he'd never marry her, and he made himself look like a total creep. But in an after-show, Amber went on a long rant in which she said "F-ck MTV," because apparently the whole thing was their fault. It didn't make much sense, but does Amber ever make sense?

12. Amber Portwood: Disrespected After Reunion Brawl?

Amber Portwood: Disrespected After Reunion Brawl?
We all remember the reunion show during which Amber stormed onstage to take a swing at Farrah, right? Farrah said that Matt Baier looked like a pedophile, Amber thought those were fighting words, and things escalated from there. Matt came out too, and so did Farrah's father, Michael - it was a mess. Matt was seen attacking Michael, but Amber later said that Matt came out in the first place because Michael had started behaving aggressively towards her. We never saw that on the show, and to Amber, that was a "disrespectful" move on MTV's part. She actually threatened to quit the show over it.

13. Jenelle Evans: Victim of Manipulative Editing ... Constantly?

Jenelle Evans: Victim of Manipulative Editing ... Constantly?
Let's be real, Jenelle never, ever looks good on Teen Mom 2 - and it's mostly her own fault. Last year, one of her worst moments was when she ditched her son so she could go on spring break. It was sad to see, but, you know, it definitely happened. Still, after the episode she tweeted that she was "convinced" that MTV "constantly wants to make me look like most horrible mother ever. Doesn't show a damn positive thing for my story."

14. Ryan Edwards: Put in Danger For the Sake of Ratings?

Ryan Edwards: Put in Danger For the Sake of Ratings?
An extension of Mackenzie's gripes about how Ryan is portrayed, but one he has no one else to blame for. One of the series' most controversial moments ever came when Ryan Edwards drove - seemingly high out of his mind - to his bizarre parking lot wedding to Mackenzie Standifer. MTV took a lot of heat for filming this rather than intervening, but later pointed out that the dashcam (which Mackenzie was seen turning off eventually) is mounted there in lieu of a camera crew and they had no way of knowing he would drive under the influence until after the fact.

15. Brooke Wehr: Did She Flip Out on Jeremy Calvert?

Brooke Wehr: Did She Flip Out on Jeremy Calvert?
This was an interesting one; Teen Mom 2 aired a scene in which Jeremy Calvert strongly implied that his fiancee Brooke Wehr FREAKED OUT over a conversation he had with ex-wife Leah Messer. Jeremy, one of the show's most outspoken critics, quietly admitted weeks later that this was bogus ... and that Brooke had actualy caught him talking to another girl instead. It still remains unclear if MTV or Leah knew Calvert was lying at the time, but what was depicted on this episode was different from reality.

16. Maci Bookout: Was That Pregnancy Test a Sham?

Maci Bookout: Was That Pregnancy Test a Sham?
In one weird scene from Teen Mom OG, we see an obviously pregnant Maci complain to Taylor McKinney about having gained some weight. Taylor suggests she take a pregnancy test, and surprise of surprises, it was positive! She was pregnant with little baby Maverick, her third child. But we know the scene was fake, because Maci revealed in an interview that she actually found out about the pregnancy during a doctor's appointment.

17. Jenelle Evans: Does the Crew Hate Her?

Jenelle Evans: Does the Crew Hate Her?
After the Teen Mom 2 Season 7 finale - the one where David Eason calls Kaiser a "whiny little bitch" - Jenelle actually tried to say that the reason she looks bad on MTV isn't because she does bad things, but because the crew hates her. She said that she was supposed to get a good edit, "but of course MTV hires a director that judges you, hates you and wants to make you look bad." Sure.

18. Adam Lind: Is He Really That Terrible?

Adam Lind: Is He Really That Terrible?
Chelsea Houska's ex Adam Lind frequently complains that producers only show him in the most negative light, rather than filming any of the happier, lower-key moments with his daughters. However, Lind is also notoriously difficult to film, frequently turning away camera crews if he doesn't feel like it, so ...

19. Corey Simms and Miranda Patterson: Did They Gang Up on Leah?

Corey Simms and Miranda Patterson: Did They Gang Up on Leah?
An emotional and dramatic reunion between Leah Messer, her ex-husband Corey Simms and his new wife Miranda Patterson came after a season in which fans saw Messer struggling with a serious mental health disorder. And/or a prescription drug addiction. It was never explicitly clear. While it was undeniable that Leah went through a very rough patch, she claimed they intentionally filmed her at her worst - and Corey and Miranda seemed to agree, noting that they may have conflict with Leah sometimes, but she has made progress, and they were never the villains they were portrayed as.

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