Teen Mom 2 Turns 10: See the Cast Then and Now!

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37. A Mess

A Mess
And this is her now (pictured posing with her one true love).

38. Just. So. Much.

So much has happened with Jenelle since the early days of Teen Mom 2 ... after she lost custody of Jace, she started getting arrested a bunch for things like drug possession, assault, and harassment. She also got involved with a string of sketchy guys who also got arrested a bunch.

39. Yikes

She was married to Courtland Rogers briefly, then she got engaged to Nathan Griffith, who she also had her second child, Kaiser, with.

40. What a Winner

What a Winner
Right now, she's married to David Eason. They had one kid together, Ensley, and she's had her tubes tied, so there shouldn't be anymore babies coming. That's a good thing for a lot of reasons, a big one being that Jenelle has accused David of abuse multiple times. It's also important to note that CPS has investigated them multiple times as well, and they even removed the kids from their care for about six weeks last year.

41. Tough Break

Tough Break
CPS removed the kids because David shot and killed (and allegedly viciously beat) Jenelle's dog. That's also what finally led to Jenelle being let go from Teen Mom 2.

42. What Now?

What Now?
Now that she's no longer on the show, she's been spending her time doing a wide variety of TikTok dances, releasing really bizarre YouTube videos, and trying to convince everyone that her life isn't the complete dumpster fire we all know it to be.

43. Briana!

The cast of Teen Mom 2 has changed a bit since the beginning, so even though she hasn't been there since the beginning, we definitely have to check out the transformation of Briana DeJesus.

44. More Struggles

More Struggles
Briana was on a later season of 16 and Pregnant, and later she was featured on the short-lived Teen Mom 3. Her story was memorable in large part because of her family's situation -- she and her sister, Brittany, were pregnant at the same time, but while Briana decided to give birth and raise the baby, Brittany decided to get an abortion.

45. So Sad

So Sad
This caused a lot of tension because it became tough for Brittany to hang around while Briana was preparing everything for the baby because it just reminded her of everything that had happened. It was hard to watch, and it wasn't exactly a picnic to watch Briana try to get her ex, Devoin, involved with the baby, either.

46. Take a Look!

Take a Look!
This was Briana then ...

47. Looking Good!

Looking Good!
And this is her now!

48. Let's Review

Let's Review
Like we said, Briana appeared in the first and only season of Teen Mom 3 in 2013, and we saw her have a whole lot of problems with Devoin. It seemed like she was essentially raising their daughter, Nova, on her own.

49. Surprise!

And we MTV made the decision to add her to the cast of Teen Mom 2 in 2017, not a whole lot was different -- except that she was pregnant again, this time with some guy named Luis that she hooked up with in a club. After debating adoption and abortion, she ended up having her second daughter, Stella, and she's been raising her by herself, too.

50. A Nightmare

A Nightmare
One notable part of Briana's story that doesn't involve the kids was her brief relationship with Javi Marroquin, which led to a much, much longer feud with Kailyn Lowry.

51. Cool

Right now, she's definitely cemented her place on the show, and in addition to filming and caring for her kids, she's still working her day job at a travel agency, and she's also opened a salon!

52. Jade!

Finally, we have the newest Teen Mom 2 cast member, Jade Cline. Jade originally appeared on Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant, but then MTV pulled her to replace Jenelle after she got fired.

53. Doing Our Best!

Doing Our Best!
Since Jade hasn't been around that long, her "then and now" transformation isn't going to be that extreme, but here's what she looked like shortly after giving birth to her daughter, Kloie ...

54. Awww

And here's Jade now!

55. Making Progress

Making Progress
In the short time Jade has been in the spolight, a lot has changed. She got engaged to her boyfriend and the father of her child, Sean. Sean developed a drug problem, they broke up, they got back together, etc. Right now they're actually together, and Sean is in recovery, which is great.

56. Goodness Gracious

These ladies have sure come a long way, huh?

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