Teen Mom 2 Recap: Jenelle Goes Pyro on Kail's Peace Offering!

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7. Backfire

The stunt backfired, of course, and not only in the sense that it literally almost blew up in Jenelle's face.

8. Free Advertising

Free Advertising
Turns out, the stunt went viral, and Kail's sales rose as high as Jenelle's flames.

9. Cheers to Jenelle's Insanity

Cheers to Jenelle's Insanity
Kail shared the joyous news over some Twisted Teas with her BFF Becky Hayter.

10. Checkers vs. Chess

Checkers vs. Chess
Jenelle likely knew that her video would rack up a quick million views -- but she probably didn't realize that Kail would use the hype to promote her products.

11. Business Savvy

Business Savvy
In part by launching a promo code tied to Jenelle's video, Kail was able to do $10,000 in sales in a single day.

12. Hayter's No Hater

Hayter's No Hater
Having not been forced to grapple with Jenelle's insanity quite as often, Becky just found the situation sort of puzzling. We're with you, Becky.

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