Teen Mom 2 Season Premiere: Get Ready For Jenelle's Creepy Ex & Kail's New Rival!

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37. A New Man

A New Man
As we saw in the season trailer, it's looking like much of Leah's segments will be about her boyfriend, Jason.

38. Interesting

He's a little over ten years older than her, and they got very serious very fast -- so fast that she broke up with him in November because she was getting overwhelmed with the relationship.

39. A Problem?

A Problem?
As she explained on her podcast last month, she felt relieved when she dumped him, but “It doesn’t help when they’re like, ‘I’m going to do whatever I can to get you back.'"

40. Oh, Leah

Oh, Leah
She did end up taking him back, and they're still together -- but we imagine the brief split will be shown this season.

41. The Real Stuff

The Real Stuff
Far more upsetting than her breakup though is the continuing struggle of her daughter, Ali, who suffers from muscular dystrophy/

42. Sweet Ali

Sweet Ali
As Leah revealed on last season's reunion, with the way things were going, she and Corey would probably have to pull Ali out of school soon since she's been getting weaker.

43. A Victory

A Victory
But as of now, she's still in school, and she's been doing her lung treatment regularly. As always, we're sure her health and Leah's strength in dealing with it will play a large part in this season.

44. Here We Go

Here We Go
Lastly, we have Jenelle -- we had to save her for last because she had such an insane amount of issues during filming.

45. Whatever You Say, Jenelle

In addition to dealing with the return of Andrew, we see in this new sneak peek that she also has to deal with weird custody stuff with Nathan over Kaiser -- specifically that time that Nathan and his mother refused to return Kaiser to her because they saw bruises on him and thought that they were from David.

46. On the Bright Side

On the Bright Side
As you can see in this clip, we will get to see her with Barbara again this season, which is great. They have been getting along for the past several months.

47. On the Not-So-Bright Side ...

On the Not-So-Bright Side ...
Unfortunately, even though she's being nice to her mom, she's obviously just as delusional as ever.

48. Uh ...

Uh ...
"It just pisses me off the way everyone thinks about David," she cried, "because he doesn't do anything wrong and he does everything in his power to keep our family happy."

49. But Wait

But Wait
Except we'll also see the aftermath of her infamous 911 call this season -- the one where she sobbed and told the operator that David had abused her.

50. Scary

Jenelle has said that the crew wasn't there when the incident happened, but that they did talk about it on camera, and she was open and honest about what went down. Which, according to her latest version of events, was just that she got drunk and fell in a hole.

51. What a Disaster

What a Disaster
And although David still isn't allowed to film or be around during filming, we have a hard time believing that MTV will be able to skip that whole thing where he got investigated by the Secret Service for seemingly threatening to kill the president.

52. Sick

David's done so many awful things these past few months, at least some of them will have to appear on the show, even just as recapped by Jenelle.

53. Everything's Coming Together

Everything's Coming Together
So for her segments, it's looking like it's going to be a lot of crying about Nathan, a lot of Barbara, and a lot of excuses for David's disgusting behavior.

54. Such a Mess

Such a Mess
None of that is new if you follow her on social media, but it will definitely be interesting to see how she spins everything that's happened since last season.


So who's looking forward to the new season?!

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