Strange But True News Hall of Fame

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25. Nurse Arrested For Sex With Corpse

A nurse was arrested for allegedly having sex with a corpse. Seriously.

26. Dress Code Breaker!

Dress Code Breaker!
This little boy was thrown out of a restaurant in Atlanta for wearing this shirt. Because it has no sleeves.

27. Teacher Suspended for Twerking

A teacher has been suspended for Twerking. Wait... what?!? Watch this video for more.

28. Jeremiah Heaton Picture

Jeremiah Heaton Picture
Jeremiah Heaton is a resident of Virginia. But he purchased a peace of land in The Middle East specifically to crown his daughter its princess. Impressive, huh?

29. Florida Couple Arrested for Having Sex on Beach

This Florida couple was arrested after having sex on the beach. In front of many onlookers, Including children.

30. Brother-Sister/Man-Wife

This is the blurred-out photo of a couple in Brazil. After seven years of marriage, they both discovered their birthday mother... and learned they are brother and sister.

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