Strange But True News Hall of Fame

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19. Andre Johnson Cut Off Penis Because ...

Andre Johnson finally opened up about the reasons behind cutting his own penis off and jumping off of a building in a failed suicide attempt.

20. Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 Lost at Sea

Malaysia Prime Minister Najib Razak said on Monday that the missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 flew along the southern corridor and its last location was in the Southern Indian Ocean west of Perth. He said the families of the 239 people on the flight, missing since March 8, have been informed.

21. Miley Cyrus Eats Fan's Thong

Miley Cyrus put a thong in her mouth during a stop on her Bangerz tour. We wish this was being made up.

22. Jeremy Meeks Mug Shot

Jeremy Meeks is the most popular inmate on the history of Facebook. What a hot mug shot!

23. Charlie Bothuell Found; Father Reacts on Nancy Grace

Charlie Bothuell's father learns that the missing boy was found, live on the air with a disbelieving Nancy Grace.

24. Florida Man Runs Strip Club from Barbershop

Florida Man Runs Strip Club from Barbershop
Derrick Price is a Florida resident who got arrested in the summer of 2014 for running a strip club. From his barbershop.

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