Strange But True News Hall of Fame

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7. Drunk Man Uses $20 Bill as Cell Phone

How drunk was one man when stopped by police? He pulled out a $20 bill and used it as a phone.

8. Burglar Logs Into Facebook During Robbery, Gets Caught

Well done, Nicholas Wig. So very well done. You just had to check your Facebook in mid-robbery.

9. Thief Posts Selfie in Stolen Dress, Gets Arrested

This Illinois woman stole dresses from a store and then posted selfies in those dresses. She proceeded to get arrested.

10. Woman Calls 911, Tries to Sleep with Officer

A woman featured in this video called 911 because she wanted an officer to have sex with her and he refused. Really, that's what happened.

11. Teen Lives in Walmart for Days

Here's an unusual story for you: a teen in Texas ran away and lived in a Walmart for days before anyone realized what was going on.

12. Woman Sleeps With Dead Husband's Corpse For a YEAR

This woman kept her dead husband's corpse and slept next to it for a full year. You might describe that as unusual.

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