Star Wars The Rise of Skywalker Trailer: All the Things You May Have Missed!

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7. Rey vs Kylo, Take 3

Rey vs Kylo, Take 3
Rey and Kylo already fought in the first film. Rey had never before wielded a lightsaber, but she'd been fighting all her life, and clearly, the Force fueled her in combat as it has so many other budding Force-sensitives. They struggled again over Anakin's old lightsaber. Rey won both times. Who would Kylo dare face her again? It is possible that he received new training in the Dark Side from someone other than that weak old hack, Snoke, and is for once prepared to face Rey. Or maybe he'll get his booty kicked again.

8. C-3PO Says Goodbye

C-3PO Says Goodbye
It's wildly unclear why C-3PO is bidding what feels like a tearful farewell to his friends and allies in this moment, but we suspect that it is linked to the scene in a previous trailer in which his eyes glow red. We suppose that it makes sense for Threepio's story to end in Episode IX, as Anakin built him as a child. This film is supposed to end the Skywalker saga.

9. A Tearful Farewell

A Tearful Farewell
Rey and Leia exchange a tearful and meaningful hug. This scene was only possible because it was previously unused footage. It will be interesting to see how they honor the late, great Carrie Fisher while also honoring General Leia Organa while also making sense within the narrative. Expect a lot of tears in the audience. My tears.

10. Y-Wings Are Back!

Y-Wings Are Back!
This may seem trivial but it is not. Remember in Episode XIII when the Resistance for some reason sent extremely slow-moving bombers that used either their own artificial gravity or a magnetic device to "drop" bombs in space, and how those extremely inefficient bombers were all destroyed taking down one Dreadnought? When Iden Versio sacrificed her life to learn the vulnerabilities of the Dreadnought, she didn't intend for entire squadrons of bombers to die. Y-Wing bombers, like the one that Lando and Chewie are flying here, are fast bombers that are also gunships. This seems like a nod to fans who wondered if the ships were discontinued.

11. The Calvalry is Here

The Calvalry is Here
Part of Lucas' vision for Star Wars derived from the idea that using natural tools and mysticism was more inherently good than reliance upon technology. Everything from Luke turning off his targeting system to Darth Vader needing machines literally to breathe is designed to drive home that concept. We've seen numerous Jedi use wildlife as mounts rather than using vehicles, and it looks like some Resistance forces are riding some manner of Space Horses in this film as a continuation of this concept.

12. Return to the Throne Room

Return to the Throne Room
From that first teaser in which we heard Palpatine's beautiful laughter, it was speculated that Rey and her friends would visit the wreckage of the second Death Star, possibly on Endor, for reasons unknown. Clearly, that has now been confirmed, as Rey appears beside the extremely distinctive window through which Palpatien gazed to observe the destruction of the Rebel Fleet.

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