Sister Wives: Are Kody and Meri Brown Actually in Love Again?!

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7. Divorced

But then in 2015 Kody and Meri got divorced. Well, legally -- since Meri was the first sister wife, she was the only one actually married to Kody, but the family agreed that he should marry Robyn instead so he could have legal rights to the children she had from a previous marriage.

8. The Beginning of the End

The Beginning of the End
It made sense for Kody to be married to Robyn instead, especially since they all believe in "spiritual marriages" over legal ones, but at the same time it also made sense that Meri would be a little hurt by the divorce. Regardless of the reasoning, it's still a divorce, right?

9. Bad Decisions

Bad Decisions
So after the divorce, Meri was obviously feeling a little vulnerable ... and that's how she found herself talking to another man online.

10. Catfished

Things got pretty flirty between Meri and this guy. She sent him pictures, they talked about meeting up, and they definitely got attached to each other ... the only problem was that Meri was actually being catfished. Oh, and also that she was still spiritually married to Kody.

11. Pulling Together

Pulling Together
It was obviously a super awkward situation since Meri was essentially upset that she'd been deceived by a shady woman instead of getting close to some hunky dude, but still, her family stood by her side and began coming down on catfishing instead of getting at the real issue, which was that Meri was pretty much having an emotional affair.

12. Hypocrisy?

Which, to be clear, is fair -- she's had to share her husband with three other women for years, and she's also been unhappy for years, so if talking to some guy helped her finally find happiness, then that's not all bad, you know? But in their religion, women only have one spouse. Kody's not looking for any brother husbands.

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