Ryan Edwards to Tinder Match: You Wanna Do Some Coke?

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13. The Rendezvous

The Rendezvous
In one exchange, a woman whom Ryan has been flirting with asks if he would like to come over that night.

14. High Ry

High Ry
He agrees, and she asks if he smokes weed.

15. Strange Stuff

Strange Stuff
He declines, then offers up a strange combination of truth and lies to explain his situation.

16. Come Again?

Come Again?
"No I used to do H and I've been to rehab three times since I got out of the army so I don't do sh-t anymore," Ryan replies.

17. To Clarify:

To Clarify:
Ryan was never in the Army. He did, however, used to do heroin ("H").

18. An Upside?

An Upside?
But hey, at least he turned down the drugs, right? Well, not so much ...

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