Ryan Edwards: Mackenzie Standifer is Staying with Me Forever, No Matter What!

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7. Poor Little Jagger

Poor Little Jagger
It's a lot, guys, it really is, but let's just try to focus on the latest shenanigans, OK?

8. Bad Move

Bad Move
Ryan was arrested in January because he allegedly left a bar without paying his tab. Those charges were dropped, but he stayed in jail because the arrest violated the probation he was on for all the other stuff he's been arrested for in the past couple of years.

9. Um ...

Um ...
Mackenzie has said that him goin gto jail "was a decision we made together,” and that "to have him go to jail and then just be off probation for good…It was the smartest decision that could have been made. Otherwise, it’s a revolving door that you never get out of the system.”

10. Sounds Suspicious

Sounds Suspicious
We don't know about all that -- it's hard to believe that the only reason Ryan stayed in jail for three months was because he volunteered -- but he's not completely off the hook yet because when he was arrested, he also had an outstanding warrant for heroin possession.

11. Uh Oh

Uh Oh
That wasn't why he was in jail for the past few months, and there's apparently a chance he could see some additional jail time for those charges.

12. Rude

And on top of all of that, recent reports have claimed that he's been a great big douchebag upon his return home.

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