Ryan Edwards: I'm Totally Sober -- Booze Doesn't Count!

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7. Working On It?

Working On It?
He did go to rehab after that, but he left early, and it really seemed like he didn't take it seriously at all because less than a year later, he was totally out of control again.

8. So Many Arrests

So Many Arrests
He was arrested in March of 2018 for failing a drug test, which was part of his probation he got from an arrest the year before that no one knew about -- that one was for drug possession.

9. Ryan!

A few months after that, he was arrested again for another probation violation, and finally he decided to head back to rehab.

10. Good

This time, he stayed away for a few months -- long enough to miss the birth of Jagger, his first child with Mackenzie.

11. Come On

Come On
But, wouldn't you know it, about a month after he came home from rehab, he was arrested AGAIN.

12. Tough Break

Tough Break
That arrest happened in January, and it was for theft -- he'd allegedly skipped out on a bar tab. Those charges were later dropped, but he stayed in jail until April because the arrest meant that he'd violated that probation yet again.

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