Ryan Edwards and Mackenzie Standifer: We're Gonna Have a Baby!

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7. Getting Sober

Getting Sober
Ryan spent a few weeks in a treatment center before coming home, and now he and Mackenzie say he's 100% clean and sober. And really, he does seem to be sober. From what we've seen from him so far in the new season of Teen Mom, he looks more alert than he has in years.

8. A Few Hiccups

A Few Hiccups
But that's not to say that their young marriage has been without issue -- over the summer, there was a little scandal in which Ryan was revealed to be creeping on local ladies on Tinder. Mackenzie stood by him, but reports claimed that things got so bad between them then that Ryan told MTV crew members that he was planning on filing for divorce.

9. But It's OK!

But It's OK!
The divorce didn't end up happening though -- instead, they got married. Again! Yep, even though they got hitched back in May, they still went through with their planned November wedding. It was in a church, there were guests that weren't crying. It actually seemed kind of nice, if you could forget about who these people are.


Because for real, what's the deal with these two? Why is any of this happening? Mackenzie is 20 years old, she has a three-year-old son and she's on her second marriage. Why does she claim she didn't know about Ryan's drug use until he was driving high to their wedding? Why would she go through with marrying him after that? What's her motive here?

11. Finally, Some Answers

Finally, Some Answers
Thankfully, we're getting a few answers from Mackenzie's new site! Yes, she has a site now, featuring a blog, and while the whole thing is a little bit embarrassing, she did just post a Q&A, so we're happy about that.

12. Whatever, Girl

Whatever, Girl
She answered a few odd questions first, like "What are your favorite hair products?" and "Where do you get your hair done?", like those are the things anyone wants to hear about.

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