Nicole Nafziger FINALLY Sets Timeline for Returning Home!

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37. SOON!

This is the first time that Nicole has put any kind of label on her expected return date beyond "when it is safe" or "when I can."

38. But wait, is that all? (NO)

But wait, is that all? (NO)
See, "soon" is deeply subjective. Like if I say that I'll do the dishes "soon," I mean today. If I say "hmmm the kitchen needs a new trashcan, I'll buy one soon," I am talking about next month at the earliest. Nicole could mean next week or being home in time to celebrate Christmas with her daughter and still say "soon."

39. But that timeline may be set for her

But that timeline may be set for her
See, Morocco waived its usual restrictions on legal residency for visitors in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. Not everyone could just go home suddenly, and they understood that. But now, most countries are beginning to go back to some careful semblance of normal (while the US cannot, unfortunately). Morocco wants people out by August 10 or they may risk arrest for overstaying their welcome.

40. Wow!

Notably, that August 10 deadline is almost exactly 5 months after Nicole's arrival in the country back in March.

41. So "soon" is right

So "soon" is right
Unless Nicole pulls some sort of paperwork miracle (like, for example, marrying Azan), it doesn't look like she'll have the option to remain in Morocco for more than another two weeks.

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