17 First World Problems From Which the Kardashians Suffer

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7. Subway Riding

Subway Riding
Woo! We're on the subway! We're like those regular type of folks and everything.

8. Dining with Peasants

Dining with Peasants
Scott Disick does not like interacting with commoners. Please don't make him do so.

9. Bentley Jealousy

Bentley Jealousy
You tell em, Kim Kardashian! Don't let anyone ruin your Bentley moment!

10. Nailed It

Nailed It
Scott kids, but when that's what's on Kourtney Kardashian's mind, life must be pretty good.

11. An Abundance of Rolexes

An Abundance of Rolexes
Life is tough for Scott Disick. He doesn't know which Rolex to wear.

12. Chanel Bag Stealing

Chanel Bag Stealing
Seriously, people. Don't you HATE it when your sister steals your Chanel bag?

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