Nathan Griffith: David Eason Beats My Son & Here Are Photos to Prove it! [SHOCKING DETAILS]

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37. Sweet Baby

Sweet Baby
As of now, Kaiser is definitely still with Jenelle and David, so let's just hope that he's safe and happy, OK?

38. Convenient

And according to Jenelle, he is.

39. Sure Thing

Sure Thing
"Acting like a father and being a father are two separate things," she wrote on her Instagram story. "Some fathers never think about their child’s future. At least there is another father figure that my son loves and looks up to, whether anyone likes it or not. And that man cares about that little boy just as much.”

40. Get 'Em!

Get 'Em!
But don't worry, because Nathan's girlfriend, Ashley, hit back a whole lot harder.

41. Threats

"The truth is in the pictures," Ashley tweeted, "now there are threats that we will no longer be seeing kaiser . That’s the response what we get for lifting the vail and exposing the truth. You’re not hurting us, only kaiser because he adores his dad and knows he’s safe."

42. Good Question

Good Question
"Y would a 4YO lie and say 'David hit me with a stick,'" she continued. "Then go outside and pick up a stick that looked like the one he was hit with. He was not coached. We had no idea that was the extent. I yelled for Nathan,nate said 'what happen to your butt buddy?' Kaiser gave his response."

43. For Real Though

For Real Though
"We went to the poliece station immediately after we found them. They have the pictures as well as cps , everyone is dropping the ball."

44. It Gets Worse

It Gets Worse
At some point, it looks like David wrote his side of the story on Snapchat -- he basically says that nuh uh, Nathan hit Kaiser, not him.

45. We Wouldn't Expect Anything Else

We Wouldn't Expect Anything Else
He also got homophobic, because this is David we're talking about.

46. The Real Story?

The Real Story?
Ashley shared the screenshot from Snapchat and added "We picked Kaiser up at 5 PM. When we got home he went to the bathroom. Around 6:30 PM is when I found the Marks. Please tell me how it’s possible to put Marks on a child in one hour? You can clearly tell those marks were there before we picked him up. Deflection at its finest."

47. Oh Wow

Oh Wow
In a tweet that will surely make Jenelle's head explode, Ashley asked "If I’m so scary why does kaiser call me 'mom'? We have to explain to him every weekend I’m not mommy."

48. More Questions

More Questions
She also pointed out all the different stories Jenelle and David have used to explain the bruises with "Didn’t 'his wife' say they were caused by the boat ... water slide ... ? Now they are fake .. or nate did that to his own son? Which one is it???"


And then David threw this bombshell out there -- he's now claiming that Nathan raped a 10-year-old boy when he was 16 and that he's a predator and a deadbeat dad. As you can see, it's a whole lot.

50. What is HAPPENING?

Next, he repeated the rape claims, and as a bonus, he claimed that Nathan once hit Jenelle with a truck. Nathan's definitely been accused of domestic violence before, as has David, but we're pretty sure this would have made it on the show.

51. Huh?

He also posted this about Ashley and someone named Josh, who is apparently a friend of Nathan and Ashley's. We're not exactly sure what he's trying to say here, but it's more homophobia, so it seemed worth mentioning.

52. Enough is Enough

Enough is Enough
It's also worth mentioning that David felt the need to find Ashley's Venmo account for some kind of dirt, which seems like a desperate and terrifying move.

53. It Never Ends

It Never Ends
It seems like David has made himself a new enemy with this -- Josh tweeted "David, David, David... you’ve done the smart thing by keeping my name out of your mouth for this long... be careful before you provoke Goliath... I’m not a little girl like your 'wife' or a little kid... try somewhere else kid."

54. Scared?

Since then, David's been sticking to Snapchat videos of himself playing with different filters with the kids, but it's probably too much to hope for that that means he's backing down from this whole mess.

55. Facts

Even though we're having a hard time finding anyone who doesn't think David and Jenelle are absolutely the villains in all of this.


"Jenelle and David are such idiots," one Teen Mom fan tweeted, "they ALWAYS have 10 different stories just like when this first happened, first the water slide, then the boat, now Nathan did it?? Only liars change their story that many times and North Carolina is STUPID for keeping that poor boy with them!"

57. The Worst

The Worst
"Jenelle Evans DOES NOT CARE if David, Nathan or Joe Schmoe molests her children. She does not care about them-she ONLY cares about HERSELF. She does not care that David BEATS, mocks&namecalls her kids because SHE doesnt even want or like her own kids. SHE is worse than EVERYONE!" another person wrote.

58. Period

Someone else pointed out that "David and Jenelle don’t deserve custody of ANY child, period. 👏🏻 I pray Nathan can get full custody soon."

59. A Nutcase?

A Nutcase?
"Kaiser has the bruises all over his butt and Jenelle is so far in denial she thinks Nathan is doing this to have some kind of control over her and that he’s obsessed with her. She’s a f-cking nutcase," read another tweet.

60. Boom

One person really summed everything up nicely with "All David is doing is trying to take the spot light off him and Jenelle so they are not looked into. They are immature and the accusations about Nathan are unbelievable."

61. Goodness Gracious

Goodness Gracious
Again ... what a mess.

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