Nathan Griffith Accuses Jenelle Evans of Child Abuse, Reveals Her Teen Mom 2 Salary in Shocking Rant!

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7. Jenelle? A Hypocrite?!

Jenelle? A Hypocrite?!
"Say the storm is a hoax but then you drive around town in flood water, w/the kids endangering them," Nathan's rant began.

8. She Makes How Much?!

She Makes How Much?!
"Say you have plenty of food but then you get free food as you make over 300 k per season," he continued. "I could add on but everyone sees that you’re a walking contradiction and a habitual liar."

9. No Surprise

No Surprise
Of course, no one was really shocked that Jenelle earns six figures from MTV (to say nothing of her endorsements deals and other revenue streams), but coming on the heels of news that she's been receiving free food from a charitable organization, the revelation of her exact salary created an uproar.

10. A Simple Wish

A Simple Wish
From there, Nathan claimed that Jenelle has been keeping his son from him, and he stated that he'll continue to call her out on social media until the situation is resolved.

11. A Bad Feeling

A Bad Feeling
"I know I sound crazy but every time I drive up to Myrtle somehow a gut feeling makes me think you know," Griffith continued.

12. A Serious Allegation

A Serious Allegation
"You try to paint me as a bad father but Kaiser has been chronically sick for the past year... there’s a problem! Let me see my son and stop playing games!!!" he added.

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