Meghan Markle Ex-Files: The Duchess' Surprising Romantic Past Exposed!

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7. The Argentinian Businessman

The Argentinian Businessman
Meg's first serious boyfriend as an adult was a South American business tycoon, whom she dated during her first year of college at Northwestern.

8. The Good Life

The Good Life
“He was a successful businessman and it was a case of, ‘I will send a car for you, be ready,'" says the source. "She was really taken by that.”

9. Simon Rex

Simon Rex
Not long after embarking on a career in Hollywood, Meghan briefly dated the actor and rapper Simon Rex. Can't believe she let him get away, right??

10. Scary Movies

Scary Movies
Perhaps best known for his role in the Scary Movie films, Rex also performs in the hip-hop crew Three Loco, alongside Riff Raff and Andy Milonakis. He also recently revealed that as a young man, he did porn to pay the bills. You do what you gotta do, we suppose.

11. Shaun Zaken

Shaun Zaken
Next, Meg hooked up with the comedy writer Shaun Zaken, who you may recognize from his role as a waiter on Sex and the City. Upgrade?

12. A Foot In the Door

A Foot In the Door
This was also early in Meg's Hollywood career, and she reportedly very much enjoyed how well-connected Zaken's family was.

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