Meghan Markle's Instagram Revealed: Life After Royalty Looks Good On Her!

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37. Meg-citement!

You'd have to go back to the heyday of The Beatles to find a public figure who's greeted with such excitement by fans. And now, Meg is free to spread that joy wherever she pleases.

38. A Woman of the People

A Woman of the People
Meghan is at her best when she's freely mingling with the people who are most in need of her help. She rarely got such opportunities as a royal.

39. Meghan's Protege

Meghan's Protege
Now that she's officially through with her obligations to the royals, Meghan will have more time for humanitarian pursuits. Those who know her best say it's all she's ever wanted.

40. Working Together

Working Together
Those who know her best say Meghan has always been a woman of the people. Now that she's stepped down from royal life, she'll have one less barrier standing between herself and the people she hopes to help.

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