Meghan Markle: The Best Pics of Her (Former) Royal Hotness ... EVER!!!

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In 2018, Meghan Markle married Prince Harry in front of an international TV audience, captivating billions across the world.

Then they had a baby. Then they peaced the f--k out of the royal family. Maybe you heard about all of this at some point.

Despite the controversy and criticism she faces, the 40-year-old former actress remains the envy of millions of women.

But the road to royalty wasn't an easy one.

Nor has it been easy after she got there.

Hopefully, maybe, now that she's living back in her native California, Meg will return to Hollywood, where she got her start.

Of course, we don't imagine she'd be taking on some of those early gigs - ones she'd probably rather forget about now.

And we're not talking about Suits, which was actually a fun show and made it past the coveted 100-episode threshold.

Fortunately for all of us, the acting and modeling work Markle took on to pay the bills has yielded unforgettable images.

For us. And Harry, most likely.

But don't take our word for it. Scroll down for some Meg career highlights (in a manner of speaking) through the years ... 

1. Meghan at Age 22

Meghan at Age 22
This photo of Meghan when she was a 22-year-old aspiring model has been making the rounds online lately. Obviously, she looked great then, but is it us, or has she only gotten hotter with age?

2. The Role Suits Her

The Role Suits Her
You probably already know that Meghan made a name for herself as an actress on the USA Network legal drama Suits. But if you never watched the show, you may not realize how risqué some of her scenes were.

3. Meghan as Rachel

Meghan as Rachel
Meghan frequently delivered the corporate hotness playing a paralegal on the long-running series. Of course, the show sometimes followed her out of the boardroom, as well...

4. Showing Some Leg

Showing Some Leg
Yes, Suits frequently delved into Meghan's character's sex life. And for that, we are eternally grateful.

5. Topless Meg

Topless Meg
Meg occasionally stripped down for her role. The show was on basic cable, so she never went fully nude, but still ... a lot more skin than we're accustomed to seeing from royals.

6. Nude on Suits

Nude on Suits
At one point, Meghan did strip down entirely. She was covered by a blanket, but she didn't skimp on the side-nudity.

7. Model Meg

Model Meg
As you can see, Meghan could've easily continued to make a living as a model, but she kept leveling up. It's hard to make it in Hollywood, but it's even harder to earn a royal title as an American.

8. Meghan Acting

Meghan Acting
Meg often got intimate with the actor who played her love interest on the show. We're guessing scenes like this one aren't Harry's favorite.

9. A Good Workout

A Good Workout
Or this one. This one is definitely not Harry's favorite. Although, she's got to be in pretty good shape to pull this off, if he's looking for a silver lining.

10. Not Unattractive

Not Unattractive
We're beginning to think we missed out on something by not watching Suits. Here's another memorable pic of Meghan from one of the show's promotional campaigns.

11. Meghan in Lingerie

Meghan in Lingerie
Need we say more? This image is from an old episode of CSI: NY, in which Meghan played a sex worker with a secret. It's no secret that she is a stunningly beautiful individual, even if screen shots like this might make HRM blow a gasket.

12. The Sexy Santa Look

The Sexy Santa Look
Meghan has even managed to be sexy in the presence of Howie Mandel. No easy feat, but that's why it's called acting. This isn't real life, people!

13. More Deal or No Deal

More Deal or No Deal
Yeah. That was a pretty good look, and this time Howie Mandel was not in the photo. Winner.

14. Fit

The Brits use the words "hot" and "fit" interchangeably, but we've already established that Meghan is hot. Here, we'd like you to marvel at the fact that she's in flawless physical condition.

15. Meghan Markle Sex Scene

Meghan Markle Sex Scene
Yes, Meg starred in a few PG-13 sex scenes. We won't do the sexist thing and tell Harry to look away. He knows she was an actress, and he reportedly developed a crush on Meghan while watching Suits.

16. That Works as a Top

That Works as a Top
For a show called Suits, it seems Meghan spent a lot of time in various states of undress. Remind us to send a thank you letter to the writing staff.

17. JBF Hair

JBF Hair
It's weird: Meghan's not even showing a lot of skin in this photo, and yet there's something suggestive about it. We're chalking it up to the hair.

18. Flexible

Meghan is all bendy and whatnot. We call this Exhibit 43,897 that Harry is a lucky man.

19. Topless in a Restaurant

Topless in a Restaurant
Okay, so she's not really topless, but at first glance it looks like it, right? Maybe our minds are just in the gutter.

20. Deal Us In

Deal Us In
Another gorgeous shot of Meghan Markle from her Deal or No Deal daze.

21. All Hail the Queen!

All Hail the Queen!
That may not be her official title, but Meghan Markle is still our queen. Always.

22. Robed

Meghan Markle in a bathrobe on the set of Suits. Almost makes you want to binge Suits. Almost.

23. Couch Potato

Couch Potato
Meghan Markle makes you want to lay on the couch and waste the entire day being lazy.

24. Sexy Suit

Sexy Suit
Meghan Markle cuts a sexy figure on the set of Suits.

25. Floored

Meghan Markle on the set of Suits, back in the day. That doesn't look comfortable, but wow, what a sultry pose.

26. The Meghan Markle Stare

The Meghan Markle Stare
Meghan Markle stares right into the camera in this throwback photos posted by Patrick J. Adams.

27. Meghan Markle as a Suit

Meghan Markle as a Suit
Remember when Meghan Markle starred on Suits? This photo is from back then.

28. Meghan Markle in the Rain

Meghan Markle in the Rain
We love this photo of Meghan Markle, which was released by close pal Patrick J. Adams.

29. Meghan Markle on Suits Set

Meghan Markle on Suits Set
Meghan Markle poses here back in the day with her co-stars on the show Suits.

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