Matt Baier: CAUGHT Cheating on New Wife, Stealing Mistress' Money! (Exclusive)

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Back in November, Teen Mom OG fans were stunned by the news that Amber Portwood's ex-fiancé, Matt Baier, had gotten married.

The announcement came as a shock, not only because Matt and Amber had only broken up a few months earlier, but also because the public wasn't even aware that Matt was dating anyone.

We later learned that Matt and Jennifer Conlon got hitched after just a few weeks of dating.

Fans on social media offered words of caution about Baier, whose sketchy behavior was well-documented during his time on MTV.

Conlon dismissed their concerns, but new evidence obtained exclusively by The Hollywood Gossip suggests she may want to consider the possibility that Matt is every bit as shady as he appears...

1. The Baier Truth

The Baier Truth
Matt didn't earn a lot of fans during his time as a reality star, thanks in part to allegations of unpaid child support, infidelity, and drug use. He claims he was misrepresented on the show, but evidence obtained by The Hollywood Gossip indicates that Matt may have already been unfaithful to his new wife...

2. Meet Mimi

Meet Mimi
A woman identified only by the alias "Mimi" revealed to us that she and Baier have been carrying on an online relationship that has continued despite the fact that he's now married to Conlon. "Matt and I met on Snapchat a couple of months ago, and when he sent the message saying he was deleting his Snapchat, I asked him about it and he sent me his number and said to keep it private, we have texted almost every day since, and he even calls me every now and then," Mimi claims.

3. Married Matt

Married Matt
When Matt got married, Mimi eventually found out about it ... but not from Baier: "There was about a 2 day span where he 'disappeared' on me, which as I found out was when he got married. It has been confirmed to me from an editor at another gossip site/magazine that he is in fact married and that the number I have is really his number," she writes us.

4. The Con Is On

The Con Is On
In the past, Baier has been accused of using women (with Amber being his most famous victim, of course), and it looks as though he may be repeating that pattern with Mimi: "He is supposed to be leaving Vegas tomorrow to come see me, but I get the feeling he isn’t coming. I sent him money for travel(yes that was stupid, but I also thought if I funded the trip then he would actually come). I think he will either make some excuse not to leave tomorrow, and use the money, or stop talking to me completely."

5. Still Hopeful?

Still Hopeful?
Mimi says she remained optimistic regarding her future with Matt despite mounting evidence that he's not to be trusted. "I hope he does actually come here. I have been nothing but nice to Matt, and he has done nothing but lie to me. I was giving him the benefit of the doubt as I do with most anyone, but apparently the tabloids and tv have proved to be right," she says.

6. A Familiar Pattern

A Familiar Pattern
"Matt tells me he is in love with me, and we are together, and he even wants to get married. I guarantee when busted he will deny it," Mimi writes. She's even attempted to enlist the help of some of Baier's fellow MTV stars in hopes of exposing his cheating ways ...

7. Put Nev on the Case!

Put Nev on the Case!
Mimi says she had hoped to employ the services of TV's most famous internet sleuths, but even Nev and Max couldn't crack the case. "I even reached out to Catfish but they cannot seem to reach him," she tells us.

8. Matt Bare

Matt Bare
Mimi says she received explicit photos from Baier, but later learned they were misleading: "He has sent me dirty photos, but I was told by someone who he used to talk to, that they aren’t his photos and in fact pictures of his friend Jeff, so when he gets caught he can deny it."

9. Not Alone

Not Alone
Not surprisingly, it seems there were multiple recipients of Matt's amorous messages. Mimi tells us she's spoken to another woman who was also strung along by Baier: "She lives in Canada and was talking to Matt right before I was, and when she found out he was married and lied to her she cut him off and cancelled the trip she had planned to see him," she writes.

10. Married or Not?

Married or Not?
Mimi says she's still confused by the conflicting information she's received regarding Matt's marital status: "When I heard Matt was married I did a little research and found the marriage certificate online and sent it to Matt in a Screen shot since he said he wasn’t married, and all he said was 'I saw it.' I didn’t know how easy it was to falsify that document."

11. What's Going On Here?

What's Going On Here?
"I also am curious as to why the only person who keeps giving any information on Matt and his life is Matt himself," Mimi writes "I do not know if he married this girl out of spite, or desperation, or if he plans to stay with her. I just want to know why he keeps doing what he does."

12. Baier Back in Court

Baier Back in Court
Matt has been in court several times in the past two years due to unpaid child support, and Mimi says he'll be back in front of a judge if he doesn't do right by her: "I have decided that if he does not show up here and use the money for its intended purpose then I will seek legal action to get it back as well as the other money I have lent him to 'help him out' which he always says he will back, even though I know he won’t so I tell him not to worry about it."

13. The Shyster Strikes Again

The Shyster Strikes Again
Matt was accused of bilking Amber for big bucks during their relationship, and it seems he hasn't changed his ways: "I have sent him a couple grand so far over the course of the last month or so," Mimi tells us.

14. Conflicted Feelings

Conflicted Feelings
Mimi says she feels guilty about calling Matt out, but at the same time, she's aware that he deserves nothing less: "I feel a little bad about hurting people and possibly ruining their lives, especially his wife, but I also feel that she won’t really care, and I know he won’t."

15. Relentless Matt

Relentless Matt
Mimi also reveals that she has a pretty good idea of what will happen next: "He will get all angry at me, but he won’t stop."

16. You've Got a Friend In Mimi

You've Got a Friend In Mimi
"All I wanted to be was a good friend to Matt," Mimi tells us.

17. Moving On

Moving On
These days, Amber is pregnant by her new boyfriend, Andrew Glennon. We're sure she'll see the allegations against Matt as further proof that she dodged a bullet by not marrying him,

18. A Checkered Past

A Checkered Past
Matt's history of shady behavior was highlighted during his time on Teen Mom. Shortly after he began dating Amber, it was revealed that he owed thousands in back child support. One of the couple's many breakups occurred when a supposedly-sober Matt offered drugs to cast mate Catelynn Lowell. Baier has yet to respond to the latest accusations against him, but one thing is for sure...

19. Matt Will Continue To Be matt

Matt Will Continue To Be matt
It seems unlikely that much will change at this point. Matt is 46 years old, and his history of using and mistreating women seems to stretch back into his early 20s. It will be interesting to see if and how he responds to Mimi's accusations, but we fear she's likely correct in her assumption that he'll continue with the behavior that's made him infamous to Teen Mom fans.

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