Mackenzie Standifer: Guess Who's Coming Back to Teen Mom OG!!!

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37. Such a Villain!

Such a Villain!
We all know that Mackenzie is one of the show's most hated cast members, but luckily she's not all that bothered by it.


“Literally the world hates me and that’s fine. Do you really think my life is this bad and this negative? No. There’s always going to be a villain.”

39. On a Lighter Note ...

On a Lighter Note ...
To switch gears for a minute, another thing Mackenzie revealed during her video is that she got lip fillers last year, but that she hasn't had anything else done. So now you know.

40. Bless Her Heart

Bless Her Heart
Honestly, the more she opens up like this, the more we believe that she's not so much a villain as she is a young woman who just made a serious of questionable decisions she wasn't mature enough to be making.

41. What a Lesson

What a Lesson
If Teen Mom has taught us anything, it's that having a baby at such a young age can really suspend a person's development because it forces them to grow up so quickly, and it seems like that's exactly what happened to Mackenzie.

42. Wow

At 17, this girl was married with a kid, so of course now that she's 22 she's on her second husband and her second kid. But where lots of people would realize pretty quickly that Ryan is bad news, she's just trying her absolute best to make it work. It's kind of sad, really.

43. Pull Through, Girl

Pull Through, Girl
We wish her nothing but the best, because man ... is she in a tough position.

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