LeBron James: All Hail the KING!

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7. LeBron James Raps

LeBron James rapping? Not exactly Jay-Z. But could be worse too.

8. LeBron James Block

LeBron James' block on Tiago Splitter in Game 2 of the NBA Finals needs to be seen to be believed. Welcome to your Kodak moment Tiago.

9. LeBron James Dunk: Self Alley-Oop!

LeBron James throws an alley-oop to himself off the glass ... obviously.

10. LeBron James Alley-Oop

LeBron James destroys Jason Terry in this clip fro the Heat vs. Celtics game. Watch now!

11. LeBron James Nike Plus Ad

LeBron James in a new ad for Nike+, the sneaker brand's new digital shoe. It tracks things such as an athlete's agility, jumping ability, and so on.

12. LeBron Jumps, Dunks Over John Lucas III

You gotta see this clip. LeBron James literally skies over John Lucas III for the dunk on January 29, 2012.

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LeBron James
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