Leah Messer Bad Parenting Excuse Hall of Fame

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7. Fake A$$ Mom

When Messer's first ex-husband Corey Simms asked why she didn't drive their disabled daughter Ali to physical therapy, she insisted she couldn't because Ali's twin sister, Aleeah, was sick. Corey was suspicious. "You're a fake a** mom right now!" Simms said, before saying he wanted increased custody, given that every moment he spent with the girls is one he didn't have to worry. Ouch.

8. Car Seat Fail

Car Seat Fail
Police were actually called on Messer for failing to buckle her twins into their car seats during rides to school. She put the blame on ... the kids. "After I strap them in and adjust them, they readjust them on their own when I'm driving," she wrote on Twitter.

9. Unidentified Flying Objects

Unidentified Flying Objects
Messer recently (and infamously) feuded with now ex-husband Jeremy as their screaming 2-year-old daughter Addie was hit by objects in her extremely messy car, something she pinned on ... editing. Somehow. "Addie was pulling the stuff down but that wasn't shown, nor was it shown that I just got back from being out of town and had not unloaded my car yet," Leah wrote on Twitter.

10. Dinner at Midnight?

Corey Simms has called out Leah Messer repeatedly for her parenting practices, including after she was caught on camera feeding her 5-year-old twins Ali and Aleeah dinner at midnight. She claims producers manipulated the scene and that a clock in the background proves her point. "The funny thing is it was NOT 12 am," she wrote on social media.

11. Leah. LEAH. LEAH!!!!!!

Leah. LEAH. LEAH!!!!!!
In one of the most shocking scenes from this season of Teen Mom 2, Messer slurred her words and even passed out while holding her brother's infant daughter. "That wasn't accurate," she said on Twitter. "My brother was like … wtf?" Indeed he was... on camera.

12. Bring the Pain (Killers)

Bring the Pain (Killers)
After years of denial, Messer finally admits she took painkillers while filming Teen Mom 2. But, she told her mother Dawn, it was only temporary for pain associated with giving birth to her third daughter Addie (with Jeremy). There's always some caveat with her ...

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